Monday, December 29, 2014

Melbourne : Come Cross The Line.....!!!

It was a morning, I was running through the Great Ocean Road, smooth n' clean empty street and the  lights were switched off one by one. It was just a new day broke, the fresh winter air was hitting on my bare neck.

I was breathing the ocean air, then I entered in the city gateway. I was running and crossing parks, playgrounds, shops and it was amazing feeling, the beautiful trams at Flinders Street Station, I crossed the street. I jumped into the hot air balloon area and observing the balloons and I was surprisingly thinking, how it works? Then I started walking, little faster than regular as it was still morning and people at the streets. I came across the Federation Square, there I had a hot chocolate and swiss cheese burger.

Started walking again to reach the Melbourne Cricket Ground. I don't want to miss this match. I was so excited... suddenly I found my beautiful friend, Sara, she was standing with the match tickets in her hand, I came across her and she hold me tight in her arms and kissed me. I can never forget this lovely moment in my life, suddenly I wake up, it was Tommy my dog was licking my face. I was sleeping at Bangalore another great city far from Melbourne. It was a lovely morning dream.... I heard people say if you believe and share the story to all, the morning dream comes true. So, I shared my dream, hope all of you like this. Thanks!!!!!!

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Always love.
Vikram Roy