Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Take Wash Bucket Challenge, Are You Ready? Share The Load !!!

Ariel India and Blogadda had given me a chance to take the challenge and do clean my own clothes at home. I took the challenge, are you ready to take the challenge too?

I am living in Bangalore and a working guy. I do not have time to wash my clothes. At home, my mother was helping me, here I took the Ariel challenge at home. Today is the second Semi Final Match in ICC World Cup. I took the Ariel challenge during watch the cricket match, India vs. Australia. I enjoyed cricket, delicious foods and friendly time, meantime my clothes are cleaned in the washing machine. 

It was a fun to take part of this and share the load. In our family our mother, wife, sister they should not do all the household work only. We shall help them by taking care of some of the loads. And one of the easiest tasks is to washing the clothes. Why not taking a challenge and #ShareTheLoad.
#ShareTheLoad I took the #WashBucketChallenge
The time I finished the challenge I felt glad about myself that I successfully did my own work at home and it was so easy. In daily life, we deal lot of works outside and inside. We enjoy watching TV, listen to music, play chess, read books, or do the things we are love to do. Why not take the wash bucket challenge at the same time?

I don't think if we do so, we will lose the concentration in enjoying the other works. After all happiness comes when we share our work within a group. Home, sweet home, we must take the small family challenges which can be one of our leadership qualities. If women can do office and homework together, then our duties at home can not be compromised.

All the best to you... Here I won!!! Share your story.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Invitation Mila toh Don't Miss... Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta!

The stories throughout the year were so many, but Kellogg's waale Guptaji's story is interesting. I can not even think of Kellogg's flakes can be used for more than 100s of mouthwatering breakfast recipes. So, what are you waiting for? Yes, we all are waiting for the invitation. When will we get the chance to have some of those delicious healthy breakfasts at Guptaji's home?

Can you ever imagined of preparing Kellogg's corn flakes crunchy tasty coconut laddoos. There are so many recipes that can be eaten as  breakfast. I am surprised to check all the videos at youtube at Kellogg's India. Especially the Indian desi breakfast menu is so nicely blended with Kellogg's.

Cornflakes is a patent product from Kellogg's originated in United States on 1895-96. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg experimenting on a diet food for his patients for health and treatment. In early days, cornflakes was used to be a prescription medicine. The same medicine became popular because of its hygiene and crunchy taste in breakfast table. Nevertheless like bread, butter, jam, milk, fruits, egg; corn flakes became a most popular breakfast dish in United States.

Compared to the nearest competitors in time-saving healthy breakfast is Oats or Noodles. But there are having fewer varieties in preparation of Oats and Noodles. Even I was not aware of Kellogg's corn flakes can be digested in more than 100s of different menus.

I was having Cornflakes with milk, strawberry, banana, cocoa, mango... 4-5 varieties in total. I become surprised when I checked  #KelloggsWaleGuptaji videos on Youtube. 100s of mouth-watering menus are waiting for us to enjoy the breakfast. Aab to sirf Guptaji se invitation Milne ki intejaar hai. After all healthy life is the happiness mantra. Live healthy, eat hygienically and enjoy the happiness with #KelloggsWaleGuptaji.

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The perennial taste of Kellogg's Cornflakes and its guarantee of healthy morning should be the chant of beginning of a happy day, every day. Do you still need a health check up every week? Are you looking for a family dietician? Are you investing a lot of money purchasing health insurance policies? Why not start a day with #KelloggsWaleGuptaji and secure your family's health?

My sister's small princess Aayushi Roy is 3 years old. She is very particular to open her mouth for foods. My sister became tired of every day to have had her breakfast complete. My sister finally found  hope to have complete little Aayushi's breakfast by preparing delicious varieties of #KelloggsWaleGuptaji's recipes. "With over a 100 mouthwatering recipes, Guptaji’s family sure know how to whip up the perfect breakfast for any occasion!" We got an invitation to have Nashta with Guptaji's family, are you coming to join us?  Btw do not forget to watch complete episodes of Kellogg's India Nashta with Guptaji's Family on YouTube. Visit and Like at facebook

Guptaji ka Nashta, check videos at

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Love Proposal without Roses, Happiness Celebration without Coke is Quite A Just!

Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness is for all people who want to smile forever and enjoy the taste of life. Happiness is the life that remains incomplete without delicious food, drinks, chilled icy Coke!!!

What do you say?

I love the taste of CocaCola throughout my 27 years. I tasted all cola flavour drinks in the market, but the taste of CocaCola is something that I can't explain in words. It's intense flavour tastes best in my throat when served chilled. Especially I love the  taste of Coke Zero and Diet Coke. Albeit the taste of classic Coca-Cola with sugar and cola flavour tastes great too. I enjoy movies or watch a cricket match over a glass of chilled Coke in my hand. Whether it's high tension action moments of Arrow, Gotham, Marvel's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D or The Flash, or Samosa chat with Motu Patlu; I want my Coke.

The perennial taste of Coca-Cola is uncompromised with any other drinks and beverages at that time available in the market. I graduated the day, we friends shared a pet of CocaCola, we had fun together. When we visit pizza or burger shop or watch a movie in the theatre or have meals, I can't think without a glass of chilled CocaCola. Coke make my day!!!

Coke is stronger than sharing the emotion of being happy. The ICC Cricket World Cup is going on and India Vs. Australia is the next semi-final match. Can you imagine such special moment you can skip the taste of happiness Coke? The super tension, sixers, run outs, LBWs, missed catch and all; it can not be more fun without chilled CocaCola. I wish India win this ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 tournament so we can fit this festival with gigantic happiness celebration among the Happy Coke Family!!!

The taste of happiness for the taste of success. Around the world. Coke keeps its tastes similar. The quality control team work hard on it. Can you imagine how difficult task it is? It's very true "Har dil ehi chahe, bus e taste mil jaye!" Indian food, Bollywood movies, Cricket match, Music, and... hey, am I forgetting something??? The Coke! 

Yes, our celebration... chahe jintini bhi choti hoya bari... we can not skip Coke. The perfect taste that chill our soul. Love proposal without roses, happiness celebration without Coke is quite a just! My friend Loya, she loves Cola candies, but she loves Coke more than Cola candies. This is a supreme mystery in human taste that we have developed our DNA with a Coke twist in it.

Celebrate this International Day of Happiness. I would like to grab my glass of chilled Coke, what do you have? Say, Cheers!!!

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lookup for getting together with dreams!

Get #together with friends every weekend is my fun making strategy. I need money to spend on my fun activities; I work, I earn & so do my friends. We are lucky to get knowing each other. 
This new era of technology, the speediest age of the Internet, social media and communication system helped us get #together and #lookup! Knowledge becomes more valuable to crack the previous blindness. Facebook, Blogs, Email Service, Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Flicker the list is growing endless. It's all blessings of God to see this fastest age of technology fantasy. 
Love is the first success that people look for to get more successful. Success followed by a dream shelter, the place of devotion. The dream shelter unleash our true human nature, fresh personality and get together with loved ones takes us beyond the time-space, creative limit, and liberty in speech. 

Get #together gives us the power to share our thoughts and avoid irresponsible news media. 

Irresistible creative skills give us multi-talents. We accepted the modern art of technology and inaugurated them in our daily busy life. The knowledge is beyond our capacity, its become a practice of brain building process that is the key to wake up for the future. “IGNORANCE IS THE BLINDNESS OF THE SOUL!” Some people are wasting their time; some are getting involved in some unethical practices! Whatever it is we need the shelter first to save our soul (SOS).

The golden foundation of Darwin's Origin of mankind taught us the theory of denoting as the caveman to enlighten into the age of the corporate world. There is freedom to feel free, protected, and grow into our temple of desire. We know about the three inescapable steps of life, the Past, the Present and the Future! My mentor says “some people forget the daily past, some people can’t forget anything”! Others pre-plan for the future. Life takes us next to the death every day and every moment. We must build our future first, so we can sleep happy every day at night.

My life has two steps. The Present that I am living in, and the Tomorrow, I have to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning to catch the bus and reach the office at the right time! I #lookup for my future, so I can get my goal.

If I don't set my daily targets, perhaps I will never able to make my dreams come true in this lifetime. That was not only my story; that is the story of all those faces, unknown, beautiful; I see every day at the street! We walk #togeter, and the life helps us to make friends, relations, and society.
In this busy life sometimes we watch movies, listen to our favorites, make friendship, relation, love and fight.

What do we want? 

We want the security! Security has many names, to me @housing or +Housing-com. Visit:

“We are like flowers, fruits, hugs and kisses,” said my dear friend I met in Facebook, (Gra├ža from Lisboa)!

I don’t need to see the past that was ugly and corrupted by media and the fake public leaders! We are here to build the new age, we can fill it with love, peace, and prosperity. All we need to get #togeter. 
We are happy to enjoy today to improve the future, we need the plans! Living in the Present is a good idea to enjoy every moment of life! I was listening to John and Jehn, avoiding dumb fictions full with frustration! I decide to help the poor every day. It will be the dream day if I don’t find any beggar sleeping on the street. I will become glad to see the dream come true!  
House is somewhere, I can come back, practice meditation, drawing and writing. I have today to see the tomorrow!
With love hugs and kisses! I must #lookup into the future. The world is moving smart with
Art: #together by Vikram Roy (Me)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Before I Go to Sleep, I Want My Moto E !!!

Let's not forget, who is the dad? Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first publicized handheld mobile phone a prototype on April 4, 1973.

"Yes, I want to see my friend 'moto e' before I go to sleep every night. The cutest mobile device in the earth available so far. My first love with mobile is not an iPhone. It is my friendly handset moto e."

This was my very first expression when I put my hands on this smart device. I am a mad gadget user. I love to use latest tablets and smart mobile devices to see the next level. Moto e is the beauty. My iPhone 5s, Lumia 930, Samsung Galaxy Alpha look nothing compare to my moto e

The surprising fact about 'moto e' is the RAM and processor speed. I didn't believe my hands when I was first playing my favorite online mobile game app using moto e, "Marvel's Contest of Champions!!!" It was a powerful, remarkable experience when I smoothly won three contests in a row without any application error or RAM or processor failure.  The same experience I don't have with the similar mobile devices. Now I can play my favorite games from anywhere.

Five reasons why I go to "moto e"?

If anyone asks me about why moto e, my straight answers are:

1. The cutest look. 
2. Both side cameras, particularly useful for seeing me on screen before I take my selfies. 
3. Size: Its handy in size, big enough touch screen. 
4. Dual SIM, to keep me connected with my old friends who don't have my new number after I shifted from New Delhi to Bangalore. 
5. Motorola is the father of mobile technology. There is no such experience to match the boss. 

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I would like to suggest the readers, please visit: & know more about Moto E.

Watch Amee Shah in YouTube, to know the latest features in Moto E:

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Ups and downs are there, lookup & StartANewLife?

Last Sunday morning I walked around J.P. Park. Every day I notice people carefully. Their attitude, lifestyle, culture, and dreams. My colleagues think I live in an ideal world that doesn’t exist. I am telling about the dream of a healthy happy life. Some people are determined to do anything. I try to make a better understanding of a settled life but getting confused to conclude a proper answer.

As an example, I was thinking during the walk, “How many mobile phones and laptops you can use at a time?” The answer was, “Two or maximum Three”. My point of resolution to our human behavior researched here. I speak to many people and come up with a conclusion!

Let me come directly to the point. I ordered a tablet, one of the costliest available in the market. 

Sandhya, one of my co-worker, asked, “Why you have ordered a tablet? You have a smartphone.” 

I answered, "Lifestyle!” 

The curiosity is quite natural. The cosmopolitan society teaches us continuous upgradation for survival in the capitalistic market. Here survival means luxury; means we need almost everything in our pocket; means we need the latest gadgets and handsets to show our friends. I know some people who earn money and spend them all in this gambling. They don't think about savings for their future. They don't have dreams to build something of their own.

There is a sharp gap between these two worlds. It’s like a slice of life that separates us from the dark and the bright.

Suppose you have earned money to buy yourself a luxury. That luxury was your dream. You worked hard for twenty years, saved money. Now the time being the cost of your luxury doubled. It means your vision not planned. To build something concrete, you need a proper savings and investment plan. 

First tell me, how many mobile phones you have changed in last two years? If your answer is more than five or six, that means you are unorganized about your financial investment. If you not got them as a gift or won in contests. You need to be more careful about any uncertain crisis. 
Life has to improve daily. It is a practice of doing good things and feel happy. A better planning can be the betterment to fulfill long term objective. We should not worry much and end up in the middle. 
We shall work hard to hope the best in our life. Hard work can make us high and for sure that you won't fail to achieve your goal. Dream comes true for the dreamers who fight for the getting it real. 
Rather living isolated in despite here comes your long term dreams consultants who can guide your path to lead you to the success at 

Get friendly advice to learn, how you can live in a happy and healthy society.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Only We Prefer Pampers to Keep Baby Dry from the Inside.

P&G brought an innovative FMCG product that changed our baby's lifestyle. Now children can live smart and hygienic. I am with my sister's family where she has one small baby girl.

Aayushi Roy, age: 3 living with us. She is the eyeball to all of us. She dances, sings, jumps and having fun all the moment. Perhaps life would not be happy and relaxed in a nuclear family of three to take care of a baby, when all remains busy.

Think about the time when people live together in a large family. So many children, noise, grandparents, there were people to take care of the kids 24/7. People living far away from the big family, working parents, who will take care of the babies? You cannot depend on the babysitter, as getting caring babysitter is tough. I can't imagine our little child without a dry diaper for 24 hours.

Pampers, the only friend to all the children to make them happy and have fun. It has the Magic Gel formula that protects our little Aayushi from getting absorbed. Pampers keep her motivated all the day. Now she can dance, jump, and sleep happily. Ultimate happiness of the child we desire to find. After all a "Dry baby, happy baby".

Reward me from P&G is a premium website that gave us sample Pampers diaper for free use. Register today and ask for a sample at:

Here is a must watch video for all the readers:

We were buying other diapers before Aayusi gets used to with Pampers. We found the rash, and leaks in them. We were worried. We changed different brands and finally Aayusi becomes happy wearing Pampers. The pants style facilitate that helped us to change the diaper very quickly. Also our family doctor Mrs. Gupta recommended strongly to use the best diapers to keep baby hygienic and protected from diseases.

Once a day I remember when she was playing at the park, again and again was bending down and checking her diaper. It was not a pants style diaper, and it moved inside. In Pampers, the baby remains entirely in a happy mood. And the dryness outside does not ensure the safety of your baby's skin. If the diaper cannot keep dry inside then what is the use of a diaper?

Pampers, giving a motherly care to the children. When a child smiles, the world smiles with them too. Pampers, making the children smile. Pampers brings many unforgettable moments in our daily life full of love care and pleasure.

So my advice, do not take any risk while the question is the hygiene for your baby. If babies are happy and living fewer diseases so we will be happy. A healthy world is a better world.

Look up into a Living in a Modern Jazzy City

After a rocking night shift, a young girl came back to the house from the call centre, removed earphones from her favorite pink iPod and then put it back in a mild volume on the dock. Murmured, “another busy day”. She moved her body and danced on the floor; "let's take a refreshing bath". She took a quick shower; as night fainted the music is getting louder and louder.
"I'm hungry," she said. Checked the refrigerator, filled up with delicious packs. “Yhaaaaa lets enjoy a midnight hip hop party at home!” 
She checked into the wardrobe; a bottle of half-finished whisky is hidden there. She murmurs, “Thanks, God! Dad doesn’t notice this chaos”! 
“Heck, I love my life!”  She intoxicated by the ecstasy. The door locked; she doesn’t expect her father at that moment. 
Her mother died when she was very young, there was an accident, but she can't remember. She grew up with friends and music. She listened to different genres, Hindi, hip-hop, bhangra, “Sheela Ki Jawani...” but she has a particular choice about everything. She hates depressive ghazals, tragic novels, and sentimental nostalgic sad stories. She thinks, “Around the world people are suffering; if a film make me think about the world peace; entertainment will be a disaster.” Sadness bothers her feelings; she avoids sleeping pills but she drinks and smiles like an innocent child. One day I look up for a real family, a nice  @housing +Housing-com complex at the top of this city. I must #lookup into the future. The world moving into. 
Drawing by Vikram Roy © 2015
Rohit said, “Hey man, what are you writing? Who is she? Are you dating without my notice?”

“Abe shut up yaar! Just read this story… I think, this character I am working, is the perfect metro punctual girl. Look, she is a typical punk modern city woman! What do you say? I want my script to be selected for a film. I guess this one is going in order, dear!" said, Arun.

“Man, are you mad? Girls always like ghazals, willow trees, tragic heroes, and lost secrets! What Diana? Am I wrong?" Rohit asked Diana to establish he is always right.

Diana said, “Will both of you stop your bakwas! I am not agreeing any of you.”

Arun said, “Diana, come on girl! Can you please help me in my script so I can finish my dream project without fail?"

“Please stop it guys! Btw I think you have mentioned housing, reminds me, did you checked Their concept is to change the world of living. Very refreshing, innovative and optimistic."

Rohit and Arun, both agreed with Diana, yes we did, "Indeed"!

Diana said, "So am I. I dream to meet Mr. Rahul Yadav,, CEO. One day if I get that opportunity, I want to interview him in my blog."

Note: This story is an imagination and not based on any real charecters. If it matches with any real fact it's just a coincidence. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Want to sell your used items, Gooooo Quikr NXT

Quikr is the one of the quickest buying and selling trend growing and revolutionize the local business. Quikr is so nice to the people's need.

Three reasons for the seller,
1. I have it.
2. I do not use it.
3. I want to sell it.

The question is where to sell and who is the genuine buyer?

It was a time when Orkut, Facebook used by people, there were several communities e.g.  Facebook: Put me in touch with Banagalore.

Facebook in earlier days was used by many of my friends to buy second hand mobile sets. 
It was a waste of time, and maximum cases of dissatisfaction were happening.

Last year in November my friend Umesh bought a brand new Sofa set at 13k from Bangalore, using  The same sofa set we both went to the Total Mall, where it was selling in 36k. The person who sold the sofa had got a job in Dubai and he bought the sofa a week ago. It was in real good condition and cool deal.

My another friend Mr. Mim purchased a Sony Bravia 32 inch LED TV in just 13k. The fact is is not just a timepass. It is not like facebook where people waste weeks to sell a mobile phone. People get upset and lost hope. Here Quikr had given the first priority to get interected by the people who need the thing. It has given a smart search option to look for the correct product. You don't need to chase the buyers after and explain each of them about the product condition. Which sounds quite boring and cumbersome job.

You take a snap of the product you want to sell, then write and explain the product condition in detail, post it at QUIKR and forget about it. Now you can concentrate on your other works. The genuine buyer will contact you if they really want and they can afford it.

This is a real win win situation for the seller and buyer. Now coming to the negotiation part!!!

I don't like to share my personal number with any buyer. I don't want a disturbance when I am in an important meeting and a buyer wants to negotiate about the price. So what I can do at Quikr Nxt? There is live chat room in Quikr aap so "NO FIKAR. CHAT QUIKR" share as many product pics you want. Now I got five buyers and I want to compare the best price...!!!!!!! There is a chat history which is helping to contact the right guy and sell QUIKR!

Its fun, easy and mind blowing concept. I love buying from Quikr. Specially I can see the growing trend in Indian middle class to buy and try the luxury items which they can't afford the new one. The addiction is growing fast, a song of Enrique is rumbling in my head "I am addicted".

Get everything you want at

Note: Get Quikr NXT! #IndiHappyHours @IndiBlogger @quikr #QuikrNXT