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Sex Education in India: Teach Your Child a Mighty Lesson

12th August, 09 by Vikram Roy

India has a masked society where people lavish all western pleasures but chup chup ke; it is one of the major problems of our society. Man has an extramarital relationship but hidden from his wife; boy drinking wine, smoke ganja and cigarette but hidden from parents; girl has countless relations with so-called boyfriends and so on… But none of them has the honesty to confess everything. Because it is India, you live in.

In the west the society has no interest in your personal life, you make a relation as your personal interest, and there no one is going to roast your goose. So no hide n’ seek, no feeling of guilty in the so-called bad things.

Sex is a part of life; love comes to save the human generation in this world, "Survival of Existence". But this simple matter we hide from our child. From our childhood, some parents teach that, love, sex, relation, and even talking with the different gender are sins. And it becomes the child’s frustration when he just crosses 15 to 16. Even they take so many wrong steps in that vital turn of life that some of them become psychotic tolerant. They become frustrated, shy, commit premarital relations; or try to become satisfy by addicted by alcohol, and drugs. Even these wrong steps sometimes become the cause of their death.

To prevent these things, it is not possible to teach everything in school under the cover of sex education. It will no doubt bring trouble to give complete knowledge, when every question will stop at the practical lesson. I can give an example of such sex education in illusion of a joker, Raj Kapoor’s “Mera Naam Joker” because here you living in India. But one thing is very important; we have to save our young stars from rapidly growing pornographic elements that teach those wrong sexual experiments over their own body; later which creates presser and frustration on their mind.

The parents especially the educated parents can easily teach their child by consulting with them like friends at their most difficult stages of sexual life. I think only the parents have the power to win over sexual matters from their child's mind. I do not know how far I am right but, truth is the key of light. If parents advise a boy or a girl, to stay away from girl or boy then it will obviously strike on his/her little mind that what’s different inside a girl or a boy.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Samples of my short story

The Grave Is In the Bed
Vikram Roy Aug6, 2009

It is a calm moonless night, Rahul wants to find a secret passage in St. Peter's graveyard. Suddenly he watches the darkest side of the yard, it is like the ghost comes alive.
A little light comes from the church gate is filled with panic. Rahul thrills, though he is not the single soul in this lonesome graveyard, Father Joseph of St. Paul’s cathedral comes with him.
Rahul has never faced such a situation before; perhaps it is the greatest adventure in his life. He gets complete freedom, no fear of dad’s red eyes or mom’s scolding shouts. He feels not less than Sherlock Holmes or Feluda.
Father Joseph asks- "Boy, why you come here at night?"

(From the first part of the story……………………)

The Butterfly Garden
Vikram Roy 23.06.07

Do you know Raj? I do not meet him, but I read one of his stories in a newspaper.
He was born in Kolkata; he is the youngest in his family. His mother died in his birth. Four years ago his eldest brother was murdered in the open street; in this sock his father became paranoid.
Oh! You readers become very emotional, its well, but it is not the subject of my story. There is something more tragic in Raj’s life.
Six years spent Raj is now in Malaysia. Perhaps he forgot his past life and starts a new career. In the beginning, he worked for an Indian restaurant near the BB Plaza. It was then he met the old man John who was hunting a boy to run his ‘Butterfly Garden’ at Cameron Highlands.

(From the first part of the story……………………)

They are Today’s Leaders
Vikram Roy Dated-23rd, Feb 2006

(From the middle of the story……………………)

.......nine years past, Parimal was in jail for murdering a gang master. He got seven years punishment from judiciary. While Maloy became the new gang leader, he was one of the panics in his town. Everybody knew him as "Maloy Master". But his gang not only smuggling the precious jewels but also supplies the devastating weapons to the anti-socials in high price. He had nearly 30 boys in his gang.

Two years later, in 1995, West Bengal’s municipality election came. Local commissioner of award of Bongaon needed help from some powerful knave. He calculated and decided to take help from Maloy. He gave him lacks for three political murders and booth capturing.......

Time Has No Answer
Vikram Roy 12.03.2009

It is our summer vacation. I and my friend, Rahul together decide to do something funny with this vacation. After playing a mind game, we plot up to enter inside our locked school secretly to look at our packed up classroom, empty. The school was established in 1887, is surrounded by giant walls and has only two gates to enter inside; built by the British rulers.
We tried to get inside in several ways, but we failed. We tried to break the lock but we cannot get to touch the lock, it was protected by a steel plate attached to the railing of the gate. Then we tried to cross the giant wall using a rope but failed, there has no support to tie it up. Then we find a way to the lower part of the giant wall from where drain comes out, but the drain is so deep that we took a stick and measured its depth, 9ft. So we left no hope to follow any of these ways.
And then two hours hard investigation we discovered a secret passage. We finalized it as the perfect way than others. There is a low-roofed bathroom attached outside with the giant walls and a coconut tree by the side of that bathroom. We climbed up on the coconut tree and take a risk to jump over the roof and we succeed, then we grip a window and we hung on it and stepped into its sunshade. At last we jumped and catch the giant wall and find a betel nut tree there. We catch its trunk and stepped down. So at last we succeed to come into the locked school. It was our pleasure to visit our classroom empty without our high tempered teachers.

(From the first part of the story……………………)

Be Sincere always
Vikram Roy Dated: 21st, Feb 2006

Bijan Sarkar, one of the jewel crime lawyers of Basirhat Judge Court suicides last afternoon. After listen the news I really surprised. Scandal spread like popcorns; while “Bijan’s suicide for a political matter” is the headline of a local tabloid. ‘Some of the political knaves came at afternoon at the court ground and warned him not to move in a party issue. They so roughly threat him that he decides to commit suicide at night.’ But I know him from the past six years and the main reason is entirely a different story.

**Runner up in Oxford and The Telegraph short story writing competition, 2007

(From the first part of the story……………………)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Some lines from my funny poems Part-II

To My Friends

Always learn from your errors,
Do not duel with your past.
Never upset from the earth
That is so vast;
Believe in yourself
‘The best’, that is you,
Let meditate your soul to find this truth.


War Poets

Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen are called the poets of war;
They wrote on the First World War.
Brooke has a romantic attitude to war,
When Owen has a realistic attitude to war,
Always respect these poets for their poetical work.


There is a pusey cat,
She killed a tiny rat.
The rat is tiny but fat;
This is a story of a mad.


Beowulf, The first verse of English literature, a brief critical study

Not much Anglo-Saxon poetry of the pagan period has come down to us. By far the most important remaining example is the epic 'Beowulf,' of 3182 lines. This poem seems to have originated on the Continent, but when and by whom are not now to be found. It may have been carried to England by the Anglo-Saxons; or it may be Scandinavian material, later brought by the Danish pirates; during the 7th and 8th C. It is really a primitive poetry; how the hero Beowulf fights against the cannibal, monster Grendel, and his mother and killed them to save Hrothgar (the King of Denmark) and his subject. Then Beowulf returns to his own land and becomes the ruler of his kingdom, and meets his death while killing a fire-breathing dragon. Beowulf is an idealized Anglo-Saxon hero, but in origin he may have been any one of several others. Perhaps he was the old Germanic god ‘Beowa’, or like some of those in the Greek mythology. Beowulf may really have been a great human fighter who actually killed some truly formidable wild beasts.
'Beowulf' presents an interesting picture of the life of northern Germanic tribes and their barbarism in England before Anglo-Saxon conquest. The warriors, with whom the king shares his wealth is a part of the character of a good king who gives them the gifts of gold and weapons. Somewhere in the background there must be a village, where the bondmen and slaves provide the daily necessaries of life and where some of the warriors may have houses and families. The palace of the king is the great hall of the warriors, which is built chiefly of timber; there are benches and tables for banquet; in the center of the hall, there is a hole in the roof from which smoke can easily out. But in 'Beowulf' Hrothgar and his followers leave to other quarters. War, feasting, and hunting are the only occupations, to the warriors.
The spirit of the poem is gloomy and grim. There is only brief hints of delight in the beauty and joy of the world. In the case of artistic attractiveness, and the structural subtitles of developed literary period, we must not look in 'Beowulf.' The narrative is often more dramatic than clear, and there is no perfect characterization. A few typical characters stand out clearly by the poet’s description. But the barbaric vividness of the poem gives it much more than a merely historical interest.

A note by Vikram Roy (04.02.2007)

A Short Note on Beowulf: Survived in 1000 AD and preserved in British Museum, Containing 3183 lines. Hrothgar, the king of Denmark was saved by Beowulf. Hrothgar built the famous hall of the warriors, Heorot. Grandel, the cannibal, and his mother are killed in the hand of Beowulf.
Beowulf may be the old German god ‘Beowa’ or one like those of the Greek myth. Beowulf became the king of his own land, Geats. But after ringing for 50 long years he died while killing a fire breathing dragon.

My Top 25 Rules of Living Success:

01. Man is the architect of his own fate.

02. Reorganization. To say hello to other students as you come in the classroom.

03. Always be honest. One must not feel guilty for his own foolish act.

04. Your personality and behavior must be powerful. You must not lower yourself down for your own behavior.

05. Always ask yourself, if your action is going to be appreciated.

06. Not to lose temper even on unfavorable circumstances. Losing temper means falling from your position and loose reasoning.

07. Do not distance yourself from a bright future.

08. Say ‘Thanks’ where necessary. It is a kind of polite behavior all over the world.

09. Always speak softly, clearly and with a little smile. It can help you to reach your goal if you want to win.

10. Neither a borrower nor a lender is for the loan often loses both itself and friend.

11. Strength lies in your mind, not in your body.

12. He who lies down with dogs must expect to rise with fleas.

13. Live high, think higher and aim highest.

14. Success is the fulfillment of your all desire.

15. It’s your manner to say: Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good night/ No thanks/ It's all right/ Excuse me.

16. Always make sure to reach in time, either you can miss your success in life.

17. Don’t nod your head to say Yes/ No.

18. Always try to say your answer, in brief.

19. Don’t describe a matter by nodding your hands (except classroom).

20. Look at the eyes of the persons you are talking to.

21. Don’t say anything loud. Always try to talk in medium voice.

22. Don’t laugh, try to smile.

23. Don’t indicate anything by pointing with your fingers; sometimes it may bring problems for you.

24. If you do not understand, say ‘Pardon me, I can’t understand, could you tell me it again, please.’

25. Listen to others, some people never listen, and make mistakes.

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The Cloud by P.B. Shelley, a brief critical study

It is the story of the great poet from the Age of Nature,Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822). He studied in Oxford but expelled from the university for his revolutionary anti-political pamphlets. He married two times; when his first marriage is a painful experience that ended in the suicide of his wife in 1816. Later he married with Mary Shelley, the writer of the great horror novel Frankenstein.
Shelly and Keats are very close friends and when Keats died in 1821 in Rome in young age of 25; in the lament of his dearest friend's loss Shelly wrote the famous elegiac poetry Adonies, in the same year.

About this very title: The Cloud (1821), is a great lyrical piece that has sweet high notes of musical quality. When we go through the lines of this poem, it sounds like we listening a Country Folk.

By the way there is a digital version of this poem. Created by me which u can discover in:; here is the link: