Saturday, February 28, 2015

Do You Care about Your Family? Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao #MyFamilyMyPride

Life is hard to believe in the truth and live with heads high in the society. Financial fitness is required. If you are suffering from the financial crisis and you are not financially capable of handling those issues to support your family. Here comes the nosey society, to let you down every moment. What will they say? 

Financial crisis is a poison, the treat in facing many truths in life. A wise man said, "It's not a sin to be born poor, it's a sin if you die poor." In the time, this proverb seems like a riddle itself. Society we believe in a riddle, and we have our lifetime to solve the riddle and get into it. So, here is the smart way to live heads high if you invest smartly. Now when I say smartly, that means you need a proper planning where you can fight any unexpected financial crisis in life.

I want to share my story. When I was in the class 12th, my final examination was five days to come. My mother was accused of wrong charges. It was a false interpretation of the media. A newspaper named "Sangbad Pratidin" published a false story of a murder case, and accidentally they put her name on it. The situation was a woman in my mother's birthplace had had been suffering from bad health. Her relatives informed my mother, and they were good friends. My mother went to visit her at the hospital. In the hospital the woman died. 

Here started the story, some crazy local mobs to politicize the issue informed media. Press reporter made it a story before police reached there. The situation became out of control, once the story took its bad shape through the word of mouth. The police came, and the mob's started throwing stones. The media prepared the whole plot of injustice and homicide, to run a modern crime story. They claimed to arrest all the relatives and friends. 

So, media started putting water on it, and they put the names of all the friends and relatives present at the hospital. To control the situation police arrested all, including my mother with the same charge of murder. 

When my mother became the victim, my father suffered a massive financial loss to protect her innocence. We were not prepared or aware of such situation. We lost a lot of money to bell her out. But it was not the end of the story. My father fought back against the media and charged the media with the loss. But the media was too clever to hide and save their back. In the end, it was an insurance company, suggested by one of my father's friend helped us fought the situation. Still the case is undergoing, and we got no conclusion. 

I understand one simple truth that financial disaster can come any moment in life. The people we think our saviors, as juries, policemen, media and the society, it's filled up with filthy, dishonest and dirt. 

We suffered, the loss to get the truth. I had sacrificed to get admission in a better university because of that family financial crisis followed us for a long time. The same situation I don't expect to anyone. When a close person suffers a lot then and only, then we can understand the pain. Financial crisis is a disaster to achieve any dream turn real in our life. I don't want to do the same mistake by not taking a Life Insurance to protect my family from the financial crisis.

Come travel this musical journey with HDFC Life and feel the pride of your family! #MyFamilyMyPride

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1. IRDAI or its officials do not involve in activities like sale of any kind of insurance or financial products nor invest premiums.

2. IRDAI does not announce any bonus. Public receiving such phone calls are requested to lodge a police complaint along with details of the phone call, number.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

You wanna rock, inviting you to the ICC Cricket World Cup, the cup of love!!!

"Ten thousand thundering typhoons!" the famous quote from the great explorer and adventurer Captain Haddock, reminds me the experience in the cricket. Cricket is a dangerous game of honour which is prestigious as well as experience involved in every moment. The excitement, passion, love and friendship all begin in a cricket match.

 Technology is quite a hemisphere for other ball games, but cricket is an exceptional. I am coming from a gaming background with a decade long experience developing technology for hardcore gaming. I loved playing cricket designed by EA sports, and the crazy part of the game was the accuracy of the hits and blowing. In today's cricket, we can see a bunch of technology, improvements and interesting development happened. What about the new vibrator wickets? The glowing red lights in the wickets look awesome, isn't it? And it was also giving a clear signal that there was a hit! From third umpire, moving cameras, walkie talk with the players on the field. What not included in this game? Isn't that interesting to see the accuracy in a team game is happening just because of the use of modern technology.

My guru, Mr. Ravin Pathnaik, told us, "If you want to learn manners, go and play cricket." 

I guess this is the truth about this game that no other games having the passion. People who grew old with cricket, obviously knew the facts. The game once it was played by the rich but how it loved by all. The cricket itself revolt a democracy. Maybe no other game able to connect the different cultures, the languages and the foods in India other than cricket.

Cricket brought, name, fame, money, and respect. Think about the generations where we hardly see Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Sastri in advertisements and brand promotions. But today a day played in Indian team is bringing fortune to the juniors. Cricket is all boon, no bane.

©  ICC 2015 Logo 

From the cup of life, cricket becomes the cup of love. Every nation loves this game and respect people involved in it. Last year it was a sad story when Australia cricketer Phillip Hughes died in hospital, two days after being hit on the neck by a ball during a match in Sydney. This World Cup is a tribute to his death from my heart. Cricket is fro the knights, warriors and game changers. People take the risk on the field to entertain the audience are always be respected.



Saturday, February 14, 2015

Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone.

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  You want to love your buddy with a lovely Valentines day present this year. Do you want to surprise him/her? Are you sure you felt in love? Are you curious to know how ASUS can make a change in your relation? Are you naughty to do things in your way? Are you still not knowing #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone?

Yes, to all your above questions, your hubby will love you for your smart purchase of a Zenfone. Its ultimate, I just explored my very first Zenfone at my palm and its was my GF, who told me in reply. Hey, you seduced me. What else you want to get a response from your nearest? Its love is in the air and time to get experience a blow of that air. Don't blow fast, but you can blow with Zenfone, and fall in love with its beautiful look and price options.

A Zenfone comes in budget, between INR 5,299 - 15,999. It also has excellent cameras, in front and back. Minimum starts from 5PM up to 13MP. Now, you can imagine, what a 13MP camera can click photos? You will be waiting for passionately to upload them in your Facebook, and Instagram. Your friends will love them for sure. Just guess what was the number of likes I got for my recent photo I clicked in my Zenfone? Guess, suppose... ??? What ??? Only 15, man I got 56 likes within 30 minutes. Now imagine what is a Zenfone offering you? This high-quality gadget has many features that only a promising brand like ASUS can provide. I will suggest please go and visit: the online store is open for 24/7. Compare with other brands and Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone. I assure 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It is not the Christmas, and it is the spring. Lovemaking is the season, weddings, parties, festivals; all is in the air. A survey said 82% boys and 71% girls and confused about gifting. We always hesitate to purchase gifts for our near and dear ones. Some time may be we think about our budget and sometimes about selection.

There was an old Christmas Story about a poor couple. The husband sold his favourite watch and the wife sold her long hair to buy presents for each other. Accidentally the poor folks bought hair combs for his wife and the wife bought a new strap for her husband's watch. Finally, when they met for the exchange of their presents, they realize how much they loved each other. Love is the time, and the time could be valuable and promising in the selection for your new mobile phone. So, don't wait for big time, its time to fall in love with an Asus Zenfone.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

TomTom launched its range of GPS Sport Watches at Le Méridien Bangalore

Yesterday it was a wonderful blogger meet experience. TomTom’s brand new GPS Sports Watches post-launch marketing event at Le Méridien Bangalore made my day.
TomTom Sports Watches are the must have collection for the runners to set their daily running goal. TomTom Multi-Sports Watches have features like, measuring Running, Swimming, Cycling, Heart Rate Monitoring etc. For the detail please visit:

The most notable part of this event was the Marketing Presentation which caught my attention. In the presentation, it was nicely described the complete features and the brand positioning of TomTom’s Sports Watches. Thanks to Divya and Shashank from for inviting me.

An unboxed TomTom Multi-Sports watch, 
1. A Product Guide Booklet
2. Removable Watch
3. Strap
4. USB cable
5. Bicycle mount case
Below is the detail description shared by TomTom in the Press Release. Advanced features designed for needs of runners and multi-sport enthusiasts:
Extra Large, High-Resolution Display
The new TomTom watches feature an extra-large, high-resolution and high-contrast display that makes it easy for runners and multi-sport enthusiasts to quickly see their distance, time and pace while they workout even in bright sunshine.
Graphical Training Partner
The new watches feature TomTom’s Graphical Training Partner. Easy-to-read full-screen graphics helps users get the most out of their workouts. They can view their real-time performance at-a-glance with three graphical training modes:
· Race: Race against a personal best or most recent run. Quickly track performance with real-time graphics, to continue to improve run-after-run.
· Goal: Set a distance, time or calorie goal and see the progress toward that goal with simple, full-screen graphics and alerts.
· Zone: Set a target for pace or heart-rate (with optional heart-rate monitor) and track progress in a simple full-screen graph throughout a workout.
One-Button Control
The new TomTom range includes an intuitive One-Button Control that enables users to easily navigate up-down-left-right through menus to access key stats and watch features. Unlike the majority of existing GPS watches on the market that feature multiple small and hard-to-operate buttons, the one-button control is easy to operate while moving and can be easily controlled in all weather conditions and while wearing gloves.
· Indoor tracker: Accurately track indoor runs using built-in sensors to count strides, so that users can monitor pace and distance even while running on a treadmill.
· Ultra-slim design: Run with a lightweight watch crafted for runners using a sleek design, which comfortably fits all wrist sizes.
· Quick GPS fix: Get started faster by using the latest in GPS and GLONASS satellite technology to quickly find precise locations.
· Multi-platform compatibility: Sync, analyze and share stats on popular running sites and community platforms, including the TomTom MySports website, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks and Strava.
· Super-tough display: Run with a durable, super-tough, scratch-and-impact-resistant display that remains easy-to-read, run after run.
· Weather and water-resistant: Run in all kinds of weather. Waterproof up to 165 feet / 5ATM.
· Long-lasting battery: Run more, recharge less, with up to 8 hours battery life (GPS+HR), up to 10 (GPS only)
· Bluetooth® smart: Connect to sensors using the latest wireless technology.
In addition to the above features, TomTom Runner Cardio also includes: Heart Rate Zones to train in one of five intensity zones:
Sprint: Mostly used as part of interval training
Speed: High-tempo training to improve your speed and fitness
Endure: Moderate to high-tempo training to improve your lung and heart capacity
Fat-burn: Moderate tempo training, great for weight loss
Easy: Easy tempo training, mostly used for warm-up and cool down
· TomTom Multi-Sport includes all the features of TomTom Runner, and additionally has attributes for multi-sport athletes to track their distance, time, speed and other key metrics when they cycle or swim. The enhanced option is a dedicated bike mount to easily see key stats at a glance.
Always Love!