Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Experience at Amity University - Lucknow Campus.

In 2008, I cleared my CAT exam I was looking for a PGDM degree and I was not sure where to get admission. In Amity, I took my admission.

In Amity Lucknow campus every candidate got selected based on CAT and Internal exam conducted by Amity itself. After that, the merit list they prepare and accordingly they call candidates for the f2f interview.

I had Communication Development, Behaviour Science, Research Methodology, and German Language apart from my regular MBA subjects.  The course is designed as per the professional standard.

The faculty was professional. They help in understanding each subject carefully. They help in developing presentation skills, and sometimes they give good reference to get internships.

I had my internship in Sahara India Pariwar, Corporate Communication Department as a Market Researcher. They paid 7.5K at the end of eight weeks internship with certification.

I passed out in 2009-10 and it was the time when in the private sector was suffering from financial recession crisis moment which was affected campus placement. But in that time Amity did a wonderful job, they brought 4 industrial giants like Accenture, Wipro, Times Now, Hindustan Times for the placement.

In every winter season, a cultural festival organised in Amity Lucknow Malhore Campus by the management. The festival name is SAMANVAY meaning "Something which is equally applicable to all."

This stage gave endless opportunity to showcase cultural activity to all students.

In my course, there were no labs. I had weekly presentations at the stage in our classroom. Our exam system was semester based. Papers were split into two parts. Internal assessment and external assessment. Each paper 60 marks for external and 40 for internal, both papers to clear to clear a subject and get the score.

Fee structure in Amity is expensive than government MBA colleges. In my course, I had four semesters and each semester costs 96K. Apart from that, there were other fees like the security deposit and hostel fees.

Hostel facility was very good. They provided me a shared room with a partner. Each room member gets a table, chair, cupboard, bed, and mattress. 24/7 room cleaning service, purified water, generator back up and separate toilet for every six students.

Mess food was good and hygienic. Pure 100% veg meals every day. Mess fees are not included in hostel fee. So you need to pay every month to get the mess food.

I did not have any scholarship availed from Amity University. I am not sure about it.

Education loan facility offered by most of the banks. I had loans from PNB.

Friendship starts at Amity. Fun moments in hostel parties every weekend. There were the gym, table tennis, volleyball, cricket tournaments, dance, debate and singing competition too.

I never got any reference from my alumni network and senior students of Amity. But interaction opportunities are there and many time they helped junior students in getting placed or searching internship.

Amity Lucknow Campus was in construction at the time when I was there. The main issue I found that between Amity Noida and Lucknow campus there is a sky and earth difference in getting interview opportunities in good companies after the course end. But hope one day Amity Lucknow campus become better.


Friday, December 25, 2015

WOW It's The Christmas Again!

Dear Santa, 

I am now 28 and can't stop believing in you. The year I come to know you for the first time... which year I don't remember! My family lives in the east part of India. I grew up in a very small city where we were not knowing what is Christmas until I grew up young and lived in the big city. 

There were many years we do not celebrate Christmas, but we use to read newspapers and see the picture of you in the cherry red outfit. You look nice like a grandfather figure. We never received any gifts in hands from you, but your's sweet smile inside your long white beard and moustache made us smile for the Christmas day. In some of the Christmas, we put ourselves some effort to dress like you. 

So, what I did this year? I went to a primary school and buy five rupees cakes to every pupil. I also have Whatsapp application in my phone. I wished all my contacts and got almost 30 wish in return. 

What can be more happiness than that?

Always love!

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Beautiful Plantain Flower: A Perfect Cone and A Dragon Fly Made This Christmas Special.

Christmas morning my father found this beautiful plantain flower at our garden. Food for thought, my father brought it at home to show us. He said, “I found this small plantain flower with six raw bananas.” Raw bananas will grow, so he cut the flower and brought it to show me and my mother. We were surprised to see the beauty of the small plantain flower.

“What a nice geometrical shape?” My mother said. “A perfect cone.” She asked me to take a picture.

The lesson is how nature creates beautiful artistic shapes? The true art sometimes we can see, if we try to find them differently.

Wish all a happy and wonderful Christmas and a brightest new year ahead!

Plantain flower photo captured by me in Redmi 2 Prime.

The second beauty of nature I discovered in the Christmas afternoon. Guess what?
Dragonfly photo by me (Nokia Lumia 630)

The dragonfly is an insect scientific name pantala flavescent, the globe skimmer or wandering glider of Libellulidae family. The most widespread and old dragonfly on the planet. It's German name wanderlibelle, Hong Kong name typhoon fly, Japanese name Usubaki Tombo and Bengali name Jheejhee. Captured in my Nokia Lumia 630 Smartphone. This is one of my best insect photography.

Venomous giant spider with eggs, photo captured by me in Redmi 2 Prime phone.

A giant spider with eggs found at my room. An arthropod Indian tropical species family Araneae venomous.

Always love nature!


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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Micromax Warranty Service is Useless! My X70 Handset in Service for 90 Days And Still at Check Point!

This is my nightmare experience in Micromax Mobiles Check Point. Last July 2015 I purchased a Micromax X070 handset for Rs. 1099 and after a month suddenly the mobile screen becomes white. It was under warranty so I took the handset to Micromax Check Point at Basirhat for check up they took the phone and given me a receipt.

Micromax X070 Handset
Micromax Check Point

They took the handset and given me a receipt for repair. First they told, within 2 weeks they will fix the issue. After two weeks I visited the service center when they said from Micromax main service hub the parts not given to them.

Gave me Micromax Customer service toll-free no: 1860 500 8286

Then I called the number and ask for help. Some executive took my complaint and said within 10 days they will fix the issue.

To my worst experience and the beginning of my nightmare. After 10 days I visited Micromax Service Point the set was not ready. Then I told them I had complained in the toll-free no and they said 10 days my set will ready. Then the service point asked me what was the complaint no? I was surprised to hear that, the customer support executive did not mention any such thing to me.

Then I came back and tweet on twitter and copied @micromax_mobile "I registered a complaint at your given site. Reference No: SER144683005987 expecting better service, thanks!"

@micromax_mobile replied: @vikramroy87 Sorry for the inconvenience caused.You can post your complaint on .Someone from our end will contact you.

Someone called me next day and said within 15 days I will get back my phone.

Alas! Everything seems a jock to this company.

Then after 15 days over I visited the check point, but the handset was not fixed.

On Nov 6 I tweet again @micromax_mobile "44 days past, no service provided by@micromax_mobile on my new handset under warranty in repair at #Micromax #Basirhat #service center."

No reply on that.

Reregistered complaint: 

Micromax Service Complaint Number. 90 days past no service.

On Nov 25 I tweeted @micromax_mobile "Sorry, I experience VERY BAD service@micromax_mobile service point #Basirhat. Given my X070 set on 22/09/2015 visited 6 times not fixed."

"BAD EXPERIENCE @micromax_mobile Service Point #Basirhat handset in repair for 63 days issue not solved. SHAME, think before buying Micromax."

Then a lady from Micromax customer center called me and told:

Mr. Vikram we are looking at this matter. We cannot repair your phone. We will give another handset, but it will not be a sealed product. Give us one week you can receive the changed set at Micromax Basirhat service point. We will call from our side and confirm you once the handset will reach there.

Wel,l they made a false promise. 26th Nov 2015 the lady from Micromax care promised over the call. Today it's 25th Dec 2015. Shame they did not have any responsibility. Still the handset is at Micromax Basirhat Service Check Point. Now 90 days past my Micromax handset under warranty is still not fixed.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Karbonn SMART TAB 1 is useless purchase.

I had a bad nightmare after I bought Karbonn SMART TAB 1 for my uncle. I had a budget of Rs. 7000 - 7500 when I saw this tab is coming in Rs. 6800. My uncle who is a Gram Panchayat clerk and is not very much technology person.

He asked me to buy a tab for his limited purpose of checking emails, take photos, generate MS excel reports.

This tab comes with specification:

Android v4.0 OS

7 inch Touchscreen

1.2 GHz Processor

2 MP Primary Camera

1 GB Internal Memory (accidentally available user memory of the device was lower than the stated memory due to default pre-installed apps and device OS)


It was totally out of knowledge that internal memory less means even it supports 32GB microSD card the device is useless. You need at least 8GB inbuilt memory in any of the smartphone or tablet. Unless update installed apps taking more than the internal space and because of that, you can't connect the device to the internet.

Then it started hang every time when play store is open. In this tab the memory is the biggest pain. My uncle was calling me on every next hour and asking what device I bought? It is like a toy tab of Rs. 6800.

Then it starts with the battery backup problem. In September, I went to Basirhat service center and they told it will not give more than 4-5 hours backup. But the battery is 3700 mAH.

To be frank, I purchased this tablet from my friend's shop and he told me this is the best budget tab in the market. I trusted my friend and didn't even saw the details. But from next time, I will obviously see the specifications carefully before buying any such device.

Read this review at:

My Apple Ipod Classic 160GB - Old is Gold!

This was my one of the best purchase in my life. I purchased my Ipod Classic in 2009. The product seemed very new in the market at that time.

The best thing is still the iPod is working and I never able to fulfill the space it has. Hardly the songs I listen occupied 30GB space and rest of space remained unused for the lifetime.

So that makes no sense to me after six months of crazy use.

Battery backup is extremely good. Once charged the standby time still 30days. Play time 20 hours nonstop.
Photo by me.

Watching video is not very cool as the size of the screen is very small.

Last year once the iPod dropped from my hand on the floor and lost visual quality. But with my utter surprise, the iPod is playing well.

The device cost for apple is always high. As my view on that, the product is made of steel is a collectors piece so not a big deal. But the technology has a gap. When I purchased Ipod Classic at the same time iPod Touch was in the market with touch screen feature and WiFi which is awesome. But in iPod Classic, there is nothing. Podcast feature is somehow useless.

No matter what, you know "I love my iPod Classic". It's an antique gadget.

Read here:

Monday, December 21, 2015

How much we know about sexual violence and our rights?

1. According to 2015 World Literacy Report, India is a country where 72.1% of the population are educated. Still we are ashamed when we come to know out of 100 women 99 suffered from sexual violence in our society. This is also understandable the educated men and women are the major culprits in sexual harassment cases hiding inside the society. Which is the cause mostly women who feel insecure and powerless to speak and stand against such people in power and position.

But before that, there is a lack of knowledge about Basic Human Rights in women and such ignorance is another unpleasant condition. Amnesty International India's #KnowYourRights is an e-learning platform where women can learn their basic human rights by spending half an hour. They can teach the same to others in the society. Knowledge is a basic weapon which can help them in occasions just by standing against the barbaric sexual cruelty.
Amnesty International India

2. We born of a mother and many of us have sisters at home. A person should understand that they are just not like a dog or cat to fulfil their sexual desire by forcing any women in the society. Understanding the meaning of the word "LOVE" which makes us being human that is not forcing our physical desires but involved equal respect.

3. A woman is respectful and she has the same rights to live freely in the society anytime, anywhere. She has rights to get the education, walk safely in the street. Many highly powerful, educated, doctors, lawyers, journalists, executives and women celebrities also become victims but they fear about the higher society values and their popularity in concern which causing damage. The leadership among the high educated women in this country is missing which is very harmful for the common women to understand their rights. Most sexual harassment cases silenced by either life threats or giving money or other such opportunities.

What are your rights to report against sexual violence?

● Sexual violence does not only include physical harm. The law was changed in 2013 to
cover a broader range of offences, including sexual harassment, voyeurism and stalking
● One can file an FIR against sexual violence in any police station, not necessarily the one
nearest to the incident.
● One can register a complaint either over phone or e-mail. But to complete the FIR
registration one must visit a police station
● An FIR can be filed by a friend, witness or a family member too. But they must have the
full consent of the survivor and the survivor must be willing to be part of the investigations
● If a survivor of sexual violence is physically or mentally disabled, a police officer must visit
the survivor to register the FIR
● Police cannot refuse to file an FIR. If refused, the police officer can be punished under the law
and you can register a complaint with higher authorities.
● A woman police officer must be present when you file an FIR against sexual violence
● After registering an FIR, one is entitled to a court-appointed lawyer. But it is good to
consult your own lawyer.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why the government of India should focus on Wind Energy?

Paris Climate Conference in the month of November 2015 was a successful conference in the world history in the past 100 years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi who made all the Indian proud by his leadership, where India played a "critical role" at the climate change summit in Paris which ensured the event was a "historic success." The world leaders gave a big hand to Prime Minister Modi's speech and many of them want to invest in India to produce more Green Energy. Now the time has started ticking to act.

In India, we are not utilizing Green Energy like Solar, Wind, Hydro energy at its best level. Wind power is the conversion of wind speed using the wind turbines into useful electricity or mechanical energy. India needs a large number of wind farms typically connected to the rural areas. A wind energy firm is capable of powering any large appliances to entire houses depending on the size. Wind farms installed on agricultural land have the lowest environmental impacts of all energy sources. The wind energy is truly and 100% #GreenEnergy source.

In several countries it has achieved relatively high levels of penetration, accounting for approximately 19% of electricity production in Denmark, 11% in Spain and Portugal, and 7% in Germany and 1.8% in India in 2008.

According to the Cambridge Union of Concerned Scientists, harnessing the wind is one of the cleanest, most sustainable ways to generate electricity. Wind power produces no toxic emissions and none of the heat-trapping emissions that contribute to global warming. This is the fact that wind power is one of the most abundant and increasingly cost-competitive energy resources makes it a viable alternative to the fossil fuels that harm our health and threaten the environment.

Wind turbines Photo: Wikimedia

Windergy India is a fastest-growing unique digital platform to create awareness about the Wind Energy sector in India. Rural areas in India are electrified non-uniformly, where progressive states being able to provide a majority of the villages with Green Energy while other states still struggling to do so. The Rural Electrification Corporation Limited was formed to specifically address the issue of providing electricity in all the villages across the country. Poverty, lack of resources, lack of political will, poor planning and electricity theft are some of the major causes which have left many villages in India without electricity, while urban areas have enjoyed growth in electricity consumption and capacity. According to the Pradhan Mantri Gram Vidyut Yojana is increasingly trying to improve the dire conditions by investing heavily in biogas, solar and wind energy.  

The work is also on-going for reducing wastage, providing better equipment and improving the overall infrastructure for electrical transmissions in villages. Currently, more than 85% of villages in India have been electrified with a further goal of providing complete electrification by 2020. According to the "Installed capacity of wind power projects in India" report published on 31 March 2015 Tamil Nadu generating a capacity of 7455.2 MW energy from the Wind. Then Gujarat 3645.4 MW, Maharashtra 4450.8MW followed by Rajasthan 3307.2MW, Karnataka 2638.4MW, Andhra Pradesh 1031.4MW and Madhya Pradesh 879.7MW.

Windergy India:

Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association has launched Windergy India – is slated to be the voice of the Wind Energy industry.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set ambitious targets for the Wind Energy sector. As the sector aims to reach 60,000 MW capacities, it needs the support of the government.

Windergy India aims to create wider public awareness on the benefits of wind energy, and the sectors efforts in India. Its mission to develop recommendation for Wind Energy among the general public.

Towards this, they have set up their presence on social media platforms. They are also developing a website, and working on a series of campaigns to help spread awareness about the benefits of wind energy as a viable solution to India's energy crisis and its impact on global warming and climate change.

Visit Links to know more:

Facebook: Windergy India Page:

Twitter: Windergy India Handle:

You Tube: Windergy India Channel:

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Organic Pumpkin at Home

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

HUGE UFO over India filmed from Airplane window - Nov 2015 !!!

UFO over India filmed from Airplane window - Nov 2015 Full and Original Video Clip. No Editing no special effects.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gotham Season 2 Episode 12 Exclusive will Return, Wait for the Crime Yet to Reveal!

Gotham Season 2 Fall Finale was completed on the release of Episode 11. The next, 12th episode will return on February 2016. This is the Gotham Season 2 Episode 12 Teaser. The Flash's Captain Cold or Batman's Mr. Freeze has been seen at the end of Episode 11. Hold tight and wait for the crime yet to reveal.