Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How does Modern Healthcare touch lives?

Modern health care is basically based on modern science and technology. Lots of automated devices and IT solutions are coming into the picture in the last one decade. Lesser surgery is possibly one of the finest experience I have seen that how my Granny had an eye surgery and how it benefits her.

My granny is around 65 and she was suffering from an old age problem in her eyes. She had operated her one eye some years back and she was not feeling good after that. Tears were coming contentiously and after few more checkups doctor said that she was not operated properly. All of it happened in Kolkata suburb Basirhat a small city. The city has many medical requirements in terms of more than 1000 of people daily need medical treatments. Because of less competitive market and knowledge, people living this city expense lots of money to the local half-educated doctors. Also doctors from Kolkata and another city they use to come to this town for extra income. But due to less technological felicity and unawareness in the people, they practice maltreatment to the patient to keep the medicine continue and take fees in every 10- 15 days.

Likewise, we felt its horrible when my granny was not getting cure after the operation and 4-5 random check ups and almost 2 lacs we spent.

That time my relatives staying in Bangalore, suggest us to come and check up. We took an appointment with Dr. Nagesh, one of the eye specialist in one of the govt. hospital. We took granny for twice and it was a lesser surgery took less than 2hrs to operate. After 30 days of medical precautions, she felt better. Doctor Nagesh told us possibly she will be completely cured if she came earlier. The operation was not very costly and we understand the difference "How does Modern Healthcare touch lives?"

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