Monday, August 10, 2015

Witness the true speeds of #Airtel4G today!!!

 I become surprised using Airtel 4G service today. I did not believe in my own eyes that shall be compared with the speed of light, my Airtel 4G data connection. I am an Airtel customer for last 3 years and I prefer Airtel because I travel throughout India and found myself pretty reliable on the Airtel network which is available everywhere.

Airtel brought happiness, smartness, business, and trust in my life. Before I was using Airtel 3G and which is also very strong data connection. Specially when I am in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Kolkata I can check my important works and do it immediately using Airtel 3G connection. Today got a chance to witness the true power of speeds that I can carry with me. I am speechless to see the real speed of Airtel 4G. It took me only 00:35 sec to download my favorite app Amazon Kindle.
The same app I downloaded in my Airtel 3G data connection which took 03:55 sec.

Test #Airtel4G speed by yourself:

It's very simple, Use your Airtel 4G Phone, Sim, or Dongle
Open Twitter
Then tweet:
@airtelindia #Airtel4gSpeedTest  

* (See below image for detail instruction.)

*Immediately you will get the result. See the below the test result I got using new #Airtel4G

Visit Airtel website to get more details:

You can also visit Airtel website for more details:

Thanks to Airtel India for the 4G Speed.

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