Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Western Spice Successfully Mixed Up in Indian Taste

Yesterday evening I was watching the movie ‘The Mistress of Spices’ acted by Dylan McDermatt and Aishwarya Rai. My uncle’s son, 6 also was there and at last when the mystery of the mistress is opened by Dylan, the little boy asked “Why he took off her sharee?” I just paused the movie and cut the scene and become little confused to give him an answer. And as a quick reply I told him that I also didn’t know why he took off her sharee. But he made such a face in reaction that clearly told me that he was not pleased by my answer. He is a six years kid what can I explain to him?

I think the aggressiveness of foreign media will show no mercy to save our Indian social culture. We are so much Westernized that even it creating doubts to the mind of our kids, what they will learn to kiss their classmates after fourteen or to be completely honest to save social tradition. I think there are two ways to save Indian kids, firstly stop media amusement completely in television programs, internet and daily tabloids with the news of hot city life and modern lifestyle. Secondly just don’t worry about your kids when they like to grow up in western style. The western spices are successfully mixed up in Indian dishes now. It is impossible to stop fastest growing foreign media. So don’t worry my dear city parents if your son or daughter comes after 2.00AM from an adulthood party inspired by American Pies. It’s our time to become modern like the Americans and sacrifice our boring old f**king Indian cultures and traditions, who writes the poem “East is east and west is west and that two can never meet”; dear Sir your dreams become true by the boon and psychosocial brainwash of modern media. Now we had learned to bang our heads in rock music and wear the sexiest bras and bikinis to become more attractive to impress partners.

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