Friday, February 26, 2010

What is religion? What was before religion? Do you confused between religion and faith? Are you religious?

The modern men or the Homo sapience developed some 3 million years ago. Do you know? The oldest religion on earth is ‘Humanity’ or in scientific language natural selection" by which to work"’. The Aryans are the founder of the paganism which is well known as The Vedantism is 4510 years (i.e. flourished from 2500BC to 1500BC) is the oldest religion in the earth. Today we called that religion, The Hinduism. Another old religion in the earth is The Zoroastrianism is 1500BC older. Therefore, come The Christianity and we already left 2010 years with this belief. Among the major world religions, The Islam is modern among the others (i.e. began in Mecca about 610CE). Chinese religions begin from 1600BC. So there is no religion before 2500BC. Here I make a simple mathematical calculation:

Hinduism (2500BC + 2010) = 4510 Years
Zoroastrianism (1500BC + 2010) = 3510 Years
Buddhism (500BC + 2010) = 2510 Years
Christianity 2010CE = 2010 Years
Islam (2010CE – 610CE) = 1400 Years

So, here is the result. Before the invention of religion, we have no Heaven and Hell. There is no ‘Ishwar', ‘God’ or ‘Allah’.

"The ice age" refers to the most recent colder period that peaked at the Last Glacial Maximum approximately 20,000 years ago, in which extensive ice sheets lay over large parts of the North American and Eurasian continents. At that ice age, the Homo sapience was started living in the society. If so then make me a simple calculation once again, (20,000 – 4510 = 15490 years) men born, died and they did not worship any idol, built any temple, or pray to any god. Can you give me an answer where their souls went after death? Hell or Heaven? on

I have two different point of views. Firstly, The Bible says God created the earth in seven days and seven nights and He created men on the very last day. Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, published in 1859, is a seminal work of scientific literature, considered to be the foundation of evolutionary biology of human evolution. The concept of human origin by The Holy Bible turned into a fabricated story and that proved we are not born of Adam and Eve. Before 4510, no man has any idea about god, then how Adam and Eve worshiped god from the very day of creation. If so then they are not belong to the species of Homo sapience that took over 2.5 million years in their development. So, the Church fabricated such stories for their own beneficial interest. The Hindus brought the concept of Narok (i.e. the Hell) in the Vedic Period, but before Vedic Period no Homo sapience went to Narok after their death. Islam makes thousand mistakes in explaining their religion; it is an abstract religion which has problems to improve, so Islam has no power to send the Homo sapience to the hell.

Secondly, if they all went to heaven, then I am appreciate your answer because they have no realization of good and evil then they were innocent, and god is always merciful and He must forgive them all. So all of these Homo sapience died before 2500BC went to heaven because they had no idea of god and they did good and bad things without judgment. So they were considered innocent by god and forgiven by Him for their unawareness. Is it sounds believable? No Nah. Though it is totally my idea, but I also do not believe such answer. So the concept is totally bullshit. Is it? Think my dear friends. Here I am not selling you a ticket for Heaven and Hell.

I personally do not believe in any religion. To me, faith is my religion. We all know what is good and what is bad? And it is always our choice that which way to follow. I can remind a line from Paradise Lost of Milton where Satan chose the wrong way to fight the eternal war against God, “Which way shall I fly-infinite wrath or infinite despair?" We should not be confused with our faith. If you have faith in yourself then you will the gainer of happiness in life, if not then you have to suffer. There is no heaven and hell, all the happiness, all the suffering is here, and you are the man who has to dig his own path of success. We are not born of fortune; we are the creator of our own fortune. Humanity is the only definition of life that we born for. We can build our own heaven in earth. If a half-fed beggar sleeps every night without taking sleeping pills then he is happier than the rich men who need drugs to sleep.


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