Tuesday, February 24, 2015

You wanna rock, inviting you to the ICC Cricket World Cup, the cup of love!!!

"Ten thousand thundering typhoons!" the famous quote from the great explorer and adventurer Captain Haddock, reminds me the experience in the cricket. Cricket is a dangerous game of honour which is prestigious as well as experience involved in every moment. The excitement, passion, love and friendship all begin in a cricket match.

 Technology is quite a hemisphere for other ball games, but cricket is an exceptional. I am coming from a gaming background with a decade long experience developing technology for hardcore gaming. I loved playing cricket designed by EA sports, and the crazy part of the game was the accuracy of the hits and blowing. In today's cricket, we can see a bunch of technology, improvements and interesting development happened. What about the new vibrator wickets? The glowing red lights in the wickets look awesome, isn't it? And it was also giving a clear signal that there was a hit! From third umpire, moving cameras, walkie talk with the players on the field. What not included in this game? Isn't that interesting to see the accuracy in a team game is happening just because of the use of modern technology.

My guru, Mr. Ravin Pathnaik, told us, "If you want to learn manners, go and play cricket." 

I guess this is the truth about this game that no other games having the passion. People who grew old with cricket, obviously knew the facts. The game once it was played by the rich but how it loved by all. The cricket itself revolt a democracy. Maybe no other game able to connect the different cultures, the languages and the foods in India other than cricket.

Cricket brought, name, fame, money, and respect. Think about the generations where we hardly see Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Sastri in advertisements and brand promotions. But today a day played in Indian team is bringing fortune to the juniors. Cricket is all boon, no bane.

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From the cup of life, cricket becomes the cup of love. Every nation loves this game and respect people involved in it. Last year it was a sad story when Australia cricketer Phillip Hughes died in hospital, two days after being hit on the neck by a ball during a match in Sydney. This World Cup is a tribute to his death from my heart. Cricket is fro the knights, warriors and game changers. People take the risk on the field to entertain the audience are always be respected.

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