Saturday, February 14, 2015

Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone.

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  You want to love your buddy with a lovely Valentines day present this year. Do you want to surprise him/her? Are you sure you felt in love? Are you curious to know how ASUS can make a change in your relation? Are you naughty to do things in your way? Are you still not knowing #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone?

Yes, to all your above questions, your hubby will love you for your smart purchase of a Zenfone. Its ultimate, I just explored my very first Zenfone at my palm and its was my GF, who told me in reply. Hey, you seduced me. What else you want to get a response from your nearest? Its love is in the air and time to get experience a blow of that air. Don't blow fast, but you can blow with Zenfone, and fall in love with its beautiful look and price options.

A Zenfone comes in budget, between INR 5,299 - 15,999. It also has excellent cameras, in front and back. Minimum starts from 5PM up to 13MP. Now, you can imagine, what a 13MP camera can click photos? You will be waiting for passionately to upload them in your Facebook, and Instagram. Your friends will love them for sure. Just guess what was the number of likes I got for my recent photo I clicked in my Zenfone? Guess, suppose... ??? What ??? Only 15, man I got 56 likes within 30 minutes. Now imagine what is a Zenfone offering you? This high-quality gadget has many features that only a promising brand like ASUS can provide. I will suggest please go and visit: the online store is open for 24/7. Compare with other brands and Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone. I assure 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It is not the Christmas, and it is the spring. Lovemaking is the season, weddings, parties, festivals; all is in the air. A survey said 82% boys and 71% girls and confused about gifting. We always hesitate to purchase gifts for our near and dear ones. Some time may be we think about our budget and sometimes about selection.

There was an old Christmas Story about a poor couple. The husband sold his favourite watch and the wife sold her long hair to buy presents for each other. Accidentally the poor folks bought hair combs for his wife and the wife bought a new strap for her husband's watch. Finally, when they met for the exchange of their presents, they realize how much they loved each other. Love is the time, and the time could be valuable and promising in the selection for your new mobile phone. So, don't wait for big time, its time to fall in love with an Asus Zenfone.

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