Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#BanBodyOdour You are stinky dude !!!

Ishh! Ishhh! Do you know you smell a lot? I am living in a shared PG with four others under the same roof and hope nobody noticed the secret investigation I was doing on them for last six days!!! OMG its top secret, its #SniffSniff and where in earth you will get such good opportunity to sniff on others than in PG.
Loved the way I get involved into this blogging activity and got my first surprising bag full of Coffee beans. It was not easy to guess in the first clue to investigate the matter. The experience becomes more interesting at the time I got the second and the third clue. Very next day I got another surprising package of a printed card written; don’t put the wooden clip in your own nose!!
So can you tell me what it could be? There is one more clue a printed face where the wooden clip can be fixed perfectly. It makes me think deeply. But still it was not very clear to come to a conclusion.

I was not able to get into a conclusion on that? Did you?

I am not as smart as Arnab Goswami. I heard he stink a lot in the media. All the smart bloggers already discovered the secret. I was suddenly got a call from my home to met my parents in Kolkata. I was travelling with half of the clues in my pocket.

At the end of day two I tweeted may be it could be Modi’s Swatch Bharat Campaign. So much garbage outside, only we can smell things that are good. Like those fresh healthy coffee beans. Healthy coffee starts a good day. Isn't it true? But at the same time I got the clip to put on the nose, to avoid stinky smells.

I never made it through. Perhaps I was wrong. I don’t think any blogger in this activity came on Swatch Bharat. But no, it’s not #SniffSniff. So the investigation became complicated. I started sniffing around other bloggers. What they come up with? What they are writing on tweeter and Facebook? I started following others. Reading makes me feel I am sniffing around the right thing. I come to a conclusion; if it’s a FMCG then it could be a perfume. Then It could be a deodorant. It could be anything that is strong in smell and coffee flavored. It could be a strong healthy energy drink.

With all my surprise I was suppose to get more items to come to a conclusion. But I did get only the picture of the face, the clip and the Coffee beans. So a question arose in my mind? Is these clues are sufficient to come to a conclusion for an investigation? Or am I missed some of the items during the activity to receive? I thought about the images and then some videos to watch them too? But I didn't receive any link or DVD or Pen drive contains the videos!!! I also see the activity was for five days but I only got two packages, are there more? So many unknown surprises and mist filled up to #SniffSniff. But you know when you start using your brain to think on such matters you get relaxation from your regular burden of life. Perhaps it’s the biggest gift I got here. 
At the conclusion only I want to say it was fun and I really enjoyed this activity.

I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda. Thanks!!!

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