Saturday, May 16, 2015

Airtel Shake it Bow Wow!!!

Time to dance for the whole day and shake your body. Its airtel's new mobile app which gives me extra. I always wanted extra when I recharge my mobile. Mobile recharge is so expensive now. We pay thousands of rupees every month just for talking. That money we earned doing hard work and we spend that on just for talking. Sometimes I think 1k I pay to my homemade and she runs her family within 3-4k she earns in a month. The same amount of money we are spending at my family on paying mobile bills. So why not expect little extra some coupons, extra Talktime, cash back, on mobile recharge?

It was first started by Freecharge and PayTM where we were able to recharge and get some coupons free which we can use to purchase branded items. I used coupons and had fun at Cafe Coffe Day, Pizzahut, McDonald's etc with my friends.

But all those are bygone age now. I am an airtel customer and so I prefer to get my own airtel app than any other facilities by third party vendors. I downloaded My Airtel App and it is awesome. All you need to keep shaking.

Shake a bow wow and get all you wanted from your mobile recharge. I got free talk time shaking my phone for the first time. It was an amazing experience indeed. Who don't like something get the extra BENEFITS which was not expected.

I also love the way the App has been developed for the users. It's so easy to use and fun. I think its a wonderful invention from the developers and Airtel. In today's expensive world where consumer brands brought us all living with style and fantasy. Coupons to get extra discount on lifestyle products is a mere dream come true opportunity.

Also cashback on recharge!! Can you imagine that you spend the money on recharging your mobile bill and get certain amount as a cashback credited back in your account? Isn't it a great surprise!!! I usually got so many cashback offers shopping different E-commerce websites. Sometimes I got on a special Wednesday Deal, or using particular bank credit cards. Its so much fun included in that. Love is in the deal so Heal Bill and Get the Deal $$$.

So what are you waiting for? If you are an Airtel customer then download the new App in your smart phone. If you are not then hurry, port your number today or take a new Airtel SIM card. Life is yours, so does the style. Live in style and enjoy!! All the best to your new Airtel experience. Visit My Airtel App website now

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