Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On Moral Responsibility of the Parents to Understand their Teenage Son

Today's boys and girls are tomorrow's men and women. For centuries, we have learned many things about the behaviour, psychology of teenagers at the stage of the adolescent. Rewardmea site by P&G is one stop solution to make our daily life simpler and filled up with rewarding moments. Here I read an interesting article about 8 Tips for Raising a Sensitive Son

Yes, you cannot excuse yourself by saying "boys will be boys" and do nothing to bring them from underground in the light. Teenage is a very important years of life. Most boys in their 13-19 keep them away from their mothers and sisters at home. Teenage girls always come under restriction and they somehow overcome the situation, but not all boys. Girl's never hides them from society, she behaves shy, but she communicates naturally with their parents. Society adores sensitive girls. But boy's hides their feelings, avoid interaction with parents and goes ashtray at that age. 

I grew up in a little town where around 1 million people are living. At least 70,000 boys are age between 13-19. The important years for the boy's growth and understand the responsibilities of being a man is the teenage. Every boy whether living inside what social network, he grows up looking at his father as the first hero, model, and rescuer. The inspiration of a father grows into his child to take care of the future like a man and becoming a human being. 

In India where society is complex than the Western. Here ignorance of adolescence leads boy's to do mistake which affect their future, health and career. Even infects their healthy relation after marriage. Tight Indian society can not allow mothers to talk to their son about adolescence to understand their feelings, sensitive, or speak of love. Sometimes love sensed more physical than feelings. Love is criticised unnatural by many eastern religious communities. 

Government of India once tried to guide Indian teens at classroom teaching about sex education. It was criticised by both parents and teachers to stop the programme. Here the point is to educate your son, guide them at home so they do not mislead in life. 

Parents can not avoid their duty and responsibilities by blaming either teenage sons or the society. He is your son. Is he learning proper education or not? Is he giving respect to the individuals living in the society? Is he taking care of his health or going ashtray? What shall be his moral responsibilities in the future? Parents shall teach them the right behaviours at the right age. Do not redirect your son to the fire where he will burn himself. And one day they can blame nobody but you because you did not  

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