Wednesday, July 8, 2015

UC Squirrel Browser is the Fastest Mobile Browser

Run Squirrel Run... life is always a bhagam bhag, everywhere speed is required. Cricket match ho yeah sales job; live match ho yeah youtube video, without good browser speed a squirrel cannot run fast!

New UC browser is developed for the best live match experience ever. We sacrifice our social communication to enjoy cricket match live. Students miss school, teachers takes an early leave, job seeker does not attend the interview, and even people quit their jobs. A country like India where cricket match is so important that at the office employer place giant screen televisions so that the workers can watch, enjoy cricket match and work together.

Even people can sacrifice a date with the girlfriend but can not sacrifice cricket match. UC ad where Lord Shiva 24/7 watching the cricket match on mobile when Devi Parvati becomes angry. Our sweat and blood are cricket which injected into our veins, we cannot compromise match if it stuck again and again on every ball.

"Gilli danda ki game hai bahi, suspense every moment... we can not sit for hours to see the internet is down.. jab bat ghumega... toh UC browser pe hi ghumega?" Thanks to UC browser that gives freedom from low-speed internet browsing.

Sometimes I feel excited because the suspense of every ball becomes the triple when the browser stuck in the middle of a game. Question of suspension arrive like, was the game hit sixer? or was it an out? or was it a no ball? Then after long waiting when we see the delivered ball was one run or two, it makes me see the next. Is that really true?

"Na re bhai, aise bhi kabhi ho sakta hai ki, 5 hours ki match 10 hours me dekho???" Ball ball every ball in cricket is important and every ball can be watched only the browser is fast enough.

In the market, no browser company ask money to download their software. But imagine whether it's free or costly who cares. We want the speed. There are browsers that once revolutionized the internet experience to the world. It's time to see the same revolution again, and this time its UC Browser revolution. "Cricket mane UC Cricket, browser mane UC browser... joi Bangla."

Indian dil... cricket mange more! We Indians have only one love in the game and that game is Cricket. Why don't we have many interests in games? Because we are born for cricket and we die for cricket. No matter what game succeed, unfortunately in this land of corruption, Cricket is our rescue. We love, hug, kiss, awake in cricket. Cricket in India brings the unity in diversity. People from different religion, political interest, language, and culture... we all love the game.

Find the link to: and connect to UC Cricket.

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