Sunday, February 14, 2016


Last weekend I was lucky that I read Aryan Sarath's new anthology of six stories that touched my heart. "Encircled and Other Stories" is a book where I got a glimpse of the modern diabolical society. To my utter experience about the time, crimes are committing every minute. Aryan did a careful job by highlighting some of them happening in every city. 

The truth is those stories are happening and Sarath able to put them into words and express his mind. When I was reading his stories I felt how deeply he thought about the characters and the plots. I like stories having emotional human touch. I think, it's very hard to express our mind, many writers write but very few can express their emotions. 

I respect Sarath's stories, "Bhavna - An Untold Story", "50:50 Love Story", "I just ruined your life" etc. His words are like the phoenix, long-lived with reality. It's a promising work and Sarath is a professional writer there is no doubt about it. 


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