Saturday, January 30, 2016

Impact of Jobless Situation Ruins Good Life.

Everything has an impact in our life. Especially daily work controls our behavior and patience. In December 2014, when I left my job I had two offer letters in my hand but when I resigned and went to join the new companies, in both places accidentally they were suffering from sudden recession and canceled their recruiting lists. I did not have the stomach to digest that disaster. The irony is I became frustrated because I was jobless, friendless and I was unable to tell the same truth to my parents.

No matter what it was the time I suffered a lot of things that I lost. I initially thought it will not have an impact on my life and soon I will get a new job. Alas! I tried three months given dozens of interviews but I did not get my profile back. I got jobs which were less paid than earlier and not related to the field I belong. At the same time, my parents were come to visit me and came to know that my situation is tight. What should I explain them? I was unable to get into a calculation. After a week, my parents left and they told me that ask if any help I require.

Six months past I was totally banished into my exile. My bank accounts were almost empty. I had some money left to buy the tickets back to my native. The recession had such a delicate impact in my life that I lost my friends, love, and healthy food habits too. In the tension of survival, I become unfit and literally paralyzed.

What should I do now? Still I have no job and giving further interviews which become a nightmare of rejection. In between one of my friends asked me to send my CV if possible, he will request a position to the HR at his current company that he is working. I sent my CV and given the telephonic round of interview, the HR told me that he was interested in my profile. I saw a positive hope. But at the end HR had mentioned that recently they recruited content marketing team and there is no vacancy in their company right now. But soon if anyone left the team then he will remember my name. He asked me to keep in touch and contact him after two months. Well, two months after when I called him, first he was unable to recognize my name, that's okay he may have been forgotten in two months, so I reminded him. He told me, he is sorry that nobody left the company in between and he cannot help me.

So all hope lost. Still I cannot believe that I am jobless!!! Now it's more than a year which does not have any good impact in my life.

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