Monday, August 3, 2009

My Top 25 Rules of Living Success:

01. Man is the architect of his own fate.

02. Reorganization. To say hello to other students as you come in the classroom.

03. Always be honest. One must not feel guilty for his own foolish act.

04. Your personality and behavior must be powerful. You must not lower yourself down for your own behavior.

05. Always ask yourself, if your action is going to be appreciated.

06. Not to lose temper even on unfavorable circumstances. Losing temper means falling from your position and loose reasoning.

07. Do not distance yourself from a bright future.

08. Say ‘Thanks’ where necessary. It is a kind of polite behavior all over the world.

09. Always speak softly, clearly and with a little smile. It can help you to reach your goal if you want to win.

10. Neither a borrower nor a lender is for the loan often loses both itself and friend.

11. Strength lies in your mind, not in your body.

12. He who lies down with dogs must expect to rise with fleas.

13. Live high, think higher and aim highest.

14. Success is the fulfillment of your all desire.

15. It’s your manner to say: Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good night/ No thanks/ It's all right/ Excuse me.

16. Always make sure to reach in time, either you can miss your success in life.

17. Don’t nod your head to say Yes/ No.

18. Always try to say your answer, in brief.

19. Don’t describe a matter by nodding your hands (except classroom).

20. Look at the eyes of the persons you are talking to.

21. Don’t say anything loud. Always try to talk in medium voice.

22. Don’t laugh, try to smile.

23. Don’t indicate anything by pointing with your fingers; sometimes it may bring problems for you.

24. If you do not understand, say ‘Pardon me, I can’t understand, could you tell me it again, please.’

25. Listen to others, some people never listen, and make mistakes.

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