Friday, August 7, 2009

Samples of my short story

The Grave Is In the Bed
Vikram Roy Aug6, 2009

It is a calm moonless night, Rahul wants to find a secret passage in St. Peter's graveyard. Suddenly he watches the darkest side of the yard, it is like the ghost comes alive.
A little light comes from the church gate is filled with panic. Rahul thrills, though he is not the single soul in this lonesome graveyard, Father Joseph of St. Paul’s cathedral comes with him.
Rahul has never faced such a situation before; perhaps it is the greatest adventure in his life. He gets complete freedom, no fear of dad’s red eyes or mom’s scolding shouts. He feels not less than Sherlock Holmes or Feluda.
Father Joseph asks- "Boy, why you come here at night?"

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The Butterfly Garden
Vikram Roy 23.06.07

Do you know Raj? I do not meet him, but I read one of his stories in a newspaper.
He was born in Kolkata; he is the youngest in his family. His mother died in his birth. Four years ago his eldest brother was murdered in the open street; in this sock his father became paranoid.
Oh! You readers become very emotional, its well, but it is not the subject of my story. There is something more tragic in Raj’s life.
Six years spent Raj is now in Malaysia. Perhaps he forgot his past life and starts a new career. In the beginning, he worked for an Indian restaurant near the BB Plaza. It was then he met the old man John who was hunting a boy to run his ‘Butterfly Garden’ at Cameron Highlands.

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They are Today’s Leaders
Vikram Roy Dated-23rd, Feb 2006

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.......nine years past, Parimal was in jail for murdering a gang master. He got seven years punishment from judiciary. While Maloy became the new gang leader, he was one of the panics in his town. Everybody knew him as "Maloy Master". But his gang not only smuggling the precious jewels but also supplies the devastating weapons to the anti-socials in high price. He had nearly 30 boys in his gang.

Two years later, in 1995, West Bengal’s municipality election came. Local commissioner of award of Bongaon needed help from some powerful knave. He calculated and decided to take help from Maloy. He gave him lacks for three political murders and booth capturing.......

Time Has No Answer
Vikram Roy 12.03.2009

It is our summer vacation. I and my friend, Rahul together decide to do something funny with this vacation. After playing a mind game, we plot up to enter inside our locked school secretly to look at our packed up classroom, empty. The school was established in 1887, is surrounded by giant walls and has only two gates to enter inside; built by the British rulers.
We tried to get inside in several ways, but we failed. We tried to break the lock but we cannot get to touch the lock, it was protected by a steel plate attached to the railing of the gate. Then we tried to cross the giant wall using a rope but failed, there has no support to tie it up. Then we find a way to the lower part of the giant wall from where drain comes out, but the drain is so deep that we took a stick and measured its depth, 9ft. So we left no hope to follow any of these ways.
And then two hours hard investigation we discovered a secret passage. We finalized it as the perfect way than others. There is a low-roofed bathroom attached outside with the giant walls and a coconut tree by the side of that bathroom. We climbed up on the coconut tree and take a risk to jump over the roof and we succeed, then we grip a window and we hung on it and stepped into its sunshade. At last we jumped and catch the giant wall and find a betel nut tree there. We catch its trunk and stepped down. So at last we succeed to come into the locked school. It was our pleasure to visit our classroom empty without our high tempered teachers.

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Be Sincere always
Vikram Roy Dated: 21st, Feb 2006

Bijan Sarkar, one of the jewel crime lawyers of Basirhat Judge Court suicides last afternoon. After listen the news I really surprised. Scandal spread like popcorns; while “Bijan’s suicide for a political matter” is the headline of a local tabloid. ‘Some of the political knaves came at afternoon at the court ground and warned him not to move in a party issue. They so roughly threat him that he decides to commit suicide at night.’ But I know him from the past six years and the main reason is entirely a different story.

**Runner up in Oxford and The Telegraph short story writing competition, 2007

(From the first part of the story……………………)

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