Friday, August 14, 2009

Sex Education in India: Teach Your Child a Mighty Lesson

12th August, 09 by Vikram Roy

India has a masked society where people lavish all western pleasures but chup chup ke; it is one of the major problems of our society. Man has an extramarital relationship but hidden from his wife; boy drinking wine, smoke ganja and cigarette but hidden from parents; girl has countless relations with so-called boyfriends and so on… But none of them has the honesty to confess everything. Because it is India, you live in.

In the west the society has no interest in your personal life, you make a relation as your personal interest, and there no one is going to roast your goose. So no hide n’ seek, no feeling of guilty in the so-called bad things.

Sex is a part of life; love comes to save the human generation in this world, "Survival of Existence". But this simple matter we hide from our child. From our childhood, some parents teach that, love, sex, relation, and even talking with the different gender are sins. And it becomes the child’s frustration when he just crosses 15 to 16. Even they take so many wrong steps in that vital turn of life that some of them become psychotic tolerant. They become frustrated, shy, commit premarital relations; or try to become satisfy by addicted by alcohol, and drugs. Even these wrong steps sometimes become the cause of their death.

To prevent these things, it is not possible to teach everything in school under the cover of sex education. It will no doubt bring trouble to give complete knowledge, when every question will stop at the practical lesson. I can give an example of such sex education in illusion of a joker, Raj Kapoor’s “Mera Naam Joker” because here you living in India. But one thing is very important; we have to save our young stars from rapidly growing pornographic elements that teach those wrong sexual experiments over their own body; later which creates presser and frustration on their mind.

The parents especially the educated parents can easily teach their child by consulting with them like friends at their most difficult stages of sexual life. I think only the parents have the power to win over sexual matters from their child's mind. I do not know how far I am right but, truth is the key of light. If parents advise a boy or a girl, to stay away from girl or boy then it will obviously strike on his/her little mind that what’s different inside a girl or a boy.

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