Saturday, January 31, 2015

ASUS Indiblogger meet in 2015

After a long time at Bangalore, Anoop and his Indiblogger team remember us. Thanks for inviting me at Asus Indiblogger, the first meet in 2015.

Asus brings All-in-One PC which is an awesome product for game lovers like me. I see the configuration and the smart power backup UPS inside, the sleek design which makes it worthy for buying. It has beautiful 19 inch screen and small space occupancy inside the room. I had an HCL ezeebee PC earlier a decade ago. My HCL PC is outdated because it was cumbersome to carry from home to the hostel, and after education at my working location. Several times I thought to carry the PC to my location and upgrade the system. But last time I visited my home, the HCL PC was dead. I visited the customer care centre they told it will cost around 12k to get fixed. Asus Sleek All-in-one is easy to carry like a laptop.

I usually play video games using my Dell Alienware Laptop. But the 13.9 inch screen gives me less excitement. I cannot afford an Alienware large screen. All-in-One PC from ASUS is a smart choice.

#GoSleeekAsusExperience and the Indiblogger meet, I thought it's going to be my day to win a contest and grab one ASUS Gaming PC at home. Albeit there was no such contest happened last night.

I had a great time with all unknown faces, dancing, singing, rocking, head banging and dining. I am a shy person and I interact very little with people. Its Indiblogger meets, Anoop’s team motivate me to stay social. Heads up!!!

Always love!

     Pic: Anoop in guitar and Indiblogger Team rocking at ASUS Go Sleek stage.

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