Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pimples... it's annoying #GarnierPureActive

Its annoying when the problem I faced, pimples. It causes naturally in our face in our youth for many factors. Hormone changes, habit of junk oily foods etc. Some people become frustrated at an early stage of youth. It was my 16 when I first time faced pimples.

I was surprised when I found on my cheeks. I noticed some red spots, and when I was pressing them it was slight pain. My hands was discovering the spots all the time. I was very anxious. My mother, she was careful about our health and she believes in herbal treatments. She helped me about the cure from pimples. She suggested me not to push them or not use my nails. She told it will be okay within a week or fortnight. It was my curiosity and the itching happening inside. It was painful and with my utter surprise I discovered many of them on my cheeks. I became crazy. Meanwhile my mother had given me the homemade remedy. She was an expert in herbs. She given me smashed Haldi, and Neem paste. She suggested me to apply it on my face for everyday. After a regular use for 15 days I got complete cure. It was a surprise, I came out of the pimple problem. I was happy. From that time now I am 27 and never again pimples bothered me.

Later, when I was in college, staying at the hostel, I found many of my friends were suffering from pimples. I suggested them about my mother's simple treatment. Many of them got benefited.

I suggest my blog readers to go for a neem face wash like Garnier Pure Active Neem
which is a good herbal product. Do not worry about the pimples and do not spot them with your nails. Nails infect the pimples and make it worse. Many people suffer from it for lifetime which is miserable. Specially in the hot climate like in India we become easy victims of such disease. I also suggest, if you are suffering heavily from pimples then take some advice from an expert dermatologist. Ask the doctor about neem capsules, it is good to avoid many skin disease, available at any nearest medical store. 

 IndiBlogger and Garnier India came up with this fantastic idea to educate the Indian youth against pimples. I hope many blogs will come up with many beautiful ideas and natural treatments and get rewarded for their valuable time and advice. 

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