Saturday, January 31, 2015

#QuikrNXT @Indibloggar

Quikr is the one of the quickest buying and selling trend growing and revolutionize the local business. Quikr is so nice to the people's need.

Three reasons for the seller,
1. I have it.
2. I do not use it.
3. I want to sell it.

The question is where to sell and who is the genuine buyer?

It was a time when Orkut, Facebook used by people, there were several communities e.g.  Facebook: Put me in touch with Bangalore.

Facebook in earlier days was used by many of my friends to buy second-hand mobile sets.
It was a waste of time, and maximum cases of dissatisfaction were happening.

Last year in November my friend Umesh bought a brand new Sofa set at 13k from Bangalore, using The same sofa set we both went to the Total Mall, where it was selling in 36k. The person who sold the sofa had got a job in Dubai and he bought the sofa a week ago. It was in real good condition and cool deal.

My another friend Mr. Mim purchased a Sony Bravia 32 inch LED TV in just 13k. The fact is is not just a time pass. It is not like facebook where people waste weeks to sell a mobile phone. People get upset and lost hope. Here Quikr had given the first priority to get interested by the people who need the thing. It has given a smart search option to look for the correct product. You don't need to chase the buyers after and explain each of them about the product condition. Which sounds quite boring and cumbersome job?

You take a snap of the product you want to sell, then write and explain the product condition in detail, post it at QUIKR and forget about it. Now you can concentrate on your other works. The genuine buyer will contact you if they really want and they can afford it.

This is a real win-win situation for the seller and buyer. Now coming to the negotiation part!!!

I don't like to share my personal number with any buyer. I don't want a disturbance when I am in an important meeting and a buyer wants to negotiate about the price. So what I can do at Quikr Nxt? There is live chat room in Quikr map so "NO FIKAR. CHAT QUIKR" share as many product pics you want. Now I got five buyers and I want to compare the best price...!!!!!!! There is a chat history which is helping to contact the right guy and sell QUIKR!

It's fun, easy and mind blowing concept. I love buying from Quikr. Especially I can see the growing trend in Indian middle class to buy and try the luxury items which they can't afford the new one. The addiction is growing fast, a song of Enrique is rumbling in my head "I am addicted".

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