Friday, April 3, 2015

My deal comes true at

My deals always made at Snapdeal. It's whether a watch, mobile phone, new gadget, toys, gift items or LCD TV. There was a time when like many other customers I was in fear to deal online. I always in fear of making payments online. One or two deals in pre e-commerce age in 2001-2003 had bad experience following the delivery time. Then it's all revolutionized. The deals changed. So does the trust. Now millions of people are makin online deals every day.

I am not afraid anymore to purchase goods online. It saves my time, and also money. I make most of the payments before to avoid going ATM and carry raw cash. Almost it's become a habit to say no to COD.

Let me share my story from my experience today at my Laptop Repair. My niece is 2 years old and she accidentally put some water on my laptop keyboard. It was damaged the internal hard disk. I called the service center. They asked for the serial no and they confirmed that the laptop is out of warranty. I gave a service charge for the health checkup and I come to know the hard disk had gone. So I needed a new hard disk for my laptop to repair.

Here is my experience with #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal. I asked the service center to tell me the hard disk price. They told 320 WGB SATA 540rpm will cost INR3500. I doubt about the cost. I called my brother and asked him to check the price online. He checked few websites and told me that the deal is not appreciatable with the service center. I asked the service center if they can provide me a discount. They said no. I told them the price I got from the online. They told they are okay with that. I can purchase the HD from online and they can replace it.  

I came back at home and started a research. I found there are lots of deals available online. I compared all of them to make my final decision to make dil ki deal. Believe me there were no good deals available online for further take it forward. It was #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal. Finally, I ordered WD 500 GB (WD5000LPVX ) laptop SATA 5400 rpm internal hard drive on Snapdeal. I am waiting for the delivery. I know Snapdeal always deliver on time without fail. I can trust Snapdeal for all my deals.  

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