Friday, April 3, 2015

Welcome Aboard to 'Do Right' and See A Magical Transformation

For the last two decade, India has developed well. We developed in business, international relation, technology, banking, health, and education. But still the question arise, is that enough development happened in this second largest populace of the world?

Look at the GDP, general statistics like education, health and malnutrition, the answer figures are horrific than one can ever imagine. We are not able to protect the child labors, illiterate street kids, and bring them to the school. Government helping them in terms of creating new laws, providing mid-day meals, education for all program, #ScholarShip etc. Then why this illiteracy is still hunting our progress? Because there is no significant awareness about the most of the programmes.

Mr. Ajeet Singh, a Do Righter started a magical transformation that will give the children an ideal learning environment. Here I come to know about Varanasi's unique boat school & how they are keeping children off the streets of Varanasi? I became surprised. It's a complete learn and fun environment which indeed children deserve. The success of this programme that I wish. Hope people who love India and want to see this progress must donate for this cause.

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world. Millions of pilgrims come all around the world to see this place every year. People love the holy river Ganga. Last 20 years Ganga has been found over polluted by the cities of the river banks. To protect Ganga and its people we need necessary awareness and education to the young generation who are the future citizens of this holy land. Hope Varanasi's unique boat school idea can help us to save Ganga and it's people.

Varanasi's unique boat school  Photo Credit

This dream can not come true without us. To succeed this good social cause our contribution and support is required to give the children of the Ganga the learning environment they deserve. Unique boat school is an ideal education program. Researchers have come up with the conclusion to take forward this boat school idea. It's time to act now and 'Do Right'.

Tata Capital Limited is one of India's leading financial service providers and a direct subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited. TATA Capital took an initiative to support Varanasi's unique boat school and help this harbour of learning to see a magical transformation. This noble cause can fulfill the dreams of somany innocent children who deserves the education and a bright future. It is time to Do Right by helping and donate for this cause. To read the whole story and donate, please visit:

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Act Today, "Do Right"!

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