Sunday, January 3, 2016

Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

Finally, I got my hands on the latest novel "The Bestseller She Wrote" by Ravi Subramanian. To my utter surprise, the book is better than I thought. As a self-published writer, I want to say, "Subramanian, you got guts... to write something very honest modern city culture in this novel." 

Last Friday evening when I came back to home and found the book at my desk. 'Tis the first look, I found it's heavy and I cut the seal and turned the last page, my god 392 pages!!! "When I'll read this?" I am a slow reader but if I find interest... then I read as fast as a jet. So I started reading the first chapter. Then till night 2:30 AM and today (Sunday) I finished the book. 

First of all to the readers who do not know who is Ravi Subramanian? I just want to share you a glance, Ravi was an IIM Bangalore student and he is from Ludhiana, Punjab. He himself a banker and wrote the award-winning trilogy The Incredible Banker, The Bankster and Bankerupt. 

It is my very personal opinion about this novel...  no matter what Subramanian could not escape his banking boundary in all his novels. Possibly I am wrong but I found, "Subramanian wrote an erotic fantasy which maybe the food for the thought of his own." 

In short synopsis, Aditya, who is a bestseller writer and a bank employee found interest in Shreya, a young girl with ambition. Aditya is a family guy and he loves his wife Maya. But Aditya found his secret vigorous interest in Shreya. He recruited her in the bank and started date. He came to know Shreya wants to be a bestseller writer like Aditya. He promised to help her in her book. As the story developed further to realize a part of the novel by substance Shreya asked Aditya to have adulterous love with her. And the climax began here when Aditya found his double role hiding the facts in front of his wife Maya and little son Aryan.

The moral of the story, how Shreya played the relationship game, used Aditya's talent and then kicked his ass. 'Tis a selfish love story of disloyalty and betrayal.  
 First-page photo captured in my handset
Front cover photo captured in my handset

The first part of the novel I actually enjoyed reading. It was indeed amusing and the way Shreya and Aditya met and found their interest in each other that is truly exceptional. Then Maya's suffering from rare disease, she came to know the secret love between Aditya and Shreya and as a typical Indian wife, her role quite justified. Then the weakness in love affair found in Aditya's character, he found helpless at the end. He was so lost in his world of fantasy. But then the real person behind all this had been found. You need to read the full novel to know who made Aditya's life miserable, this is the suspense. Even the side characters like Sanjay, Diana, Melwinare etc. portrayed very carefully by the writer. A nice novel worth reading.

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