Thursday, January 28, 2016

Peppy Yoga Classes at Our Office!

21st June of the last year it was the first International Day of Yoga - IDY. The day our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced Yoga classes will be compulsory at every school, colleges and Indian Government offices. So our boss becomes very active on that commencement and we were fortunate to attend peppy Yoga classes for two weeks at our office.

First two days we had 70 employees who attended the yoga class. In the third day, It was surprisingly decreased and only 41 people were there. When we back to our desk after 1-hour class they said, you are still young and we are older now. They got pains in every limbs and bone joints. I told them I found the similar issue too but I never quite a program that once I start. 

In the next one week our number became 27 people and in the next week, it was 20 members who successfully completed the 12 days Yoga program. I am thankful to my boss who had this great vision to introduce us with the peppy yoga program. We also lucky that we met Mr. Govind as our yoga guru, who is a mystic and spiritual guide to us. 

The closing day of the yoga class Mr. Govind invited all the 70 employees for an inspirational speech. Almost all my colleagues were present at that day. Mr. Govind in his notable voice explained the whole truth about his experience with Yoga. He is one of the top contestants in the National Yoga Championship for several times. He never won the medals but he never lost his hope in yoga. Even he mentioned that how yoga helped him winning over his will power. He also told us that body pain in a primary issue in yoga because body pain does not stay for regular practicing. 

Once we start doing yoga it helps us reducing our mental complexity and focus the spiritual existence. Every yoga includes proper breathing practice and rest before starting a new exercise. The lesson we learned was eye-opening. We went through many issues regularly in our everyday life but the darkness we create to our health is poisonous. We should take care of our health first, the proverb says it quite right "Health is wealth". This is not only a peppy lesson but it's a good habit and we should follow. I promised in my heart, no matter what I will practice yoga every day as a routine. 

Seven months past still I am trying to practice yoga regularly. To be honest because of few individual issues, trips, and festivals I cannot able to keep my word. But whenever I get time I make it happen. Even sometimes I think of taking yoga as my primary interest in life and see if I can make a difference in living. 

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