Thursday, January 28, 2016

Useful Navigation App Can Help Us Find Unknown Places!

I am not a tech smart person, I know how to search google or write my blogs which one of my friends guided me. Navigation apps are one my favourite apps, which help me reach unknown places. It was my driver Somu Pandey, a young man of 22 he was the first person in my knowledge who I saw every time he connects to the Google Maps Navigation app in his smartphone.

One day I asked, "Somu, what is that? You should not look at your mobile phone while driving!!"

Somu, said, "Babu, you don't know about Google Maps it's a helpful navigation tool."

I was surprised and asked him to show me what exactly he is talking about. We almost at home. I asked him to show me the app once reach home. Somu stopped the car at our parking garage and showed his phone to me. He selected 3G data and a Google developed application name "Maps".

I said, "Ok it's a map of our city. Very good Somu, you are a skilled educated driver. You can read maps as well." I smiled and was just going to leave.

Somu said, "Wait Babu, let me show you how it works!" He was desperate to show what more he knows about this app.

I smiled and told him, "I am busy now. I have important works to do. Thanks Somu, you go and take some rest."

Somu indeed a good driver, he said "Namaste" and left that evening.

The same night after dinner I was going to bed and thought about that Navigation app. I took my phone and downloaded the app. I wanted to see what else Somu was trying to show me in that app.

Once the download completed I opened the app and connected internet phone data. I found it showing my phone's position in the map. I said, "Wow". Then I searched some other locations like, Airport, Rail Station, Hospital, Bank and Office. All the places the app was shown exact the same I knew those places.

Next day when I was in the car, I was looking at my meeting schedules. Suddenly I remember Maps app. I searched the address I was going. To my great surprise, the app started navigating me each and every direction to the address. I was laughing very loud with a big surprising smile in my bald face.

Somu was driving, "What happened Babu?"

I said, "Somu you are brilliant, I downloaded the Navigation app you showed me last time and now I understand why you always use this app." Somu was very happy listening to that. Then I reached the place and went for the meeting. It was a good day.

Evening when I was coming back, I asked Somu, "Somu, what is your education?" Somu said, "Babu, I passed high school." I told him, "Let me see, you deserve better."

It was an eye-opening to me that maybe I am not seeing how the technology is changing our world. Thanks Somu for the lesson. If I can do something better for you I will be glad.

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