Friday, January 29, 2016

Fantastico Online Gaming Experience.

Fantastico is a word I highly impressed about today's online Smartphone games. Online games had been developed long back in early 90's. I can remember games like Poker, Casino, Chess, and many more. But there was less virtual space at that time and the real fantastico gaming experience was waiting to take shape.

In the year 2000, I got games like Anarchy Online, a fantastico roleplay game. Then Rune Scape by Jagex, Dark Age of Camelot, Ultima Online 2 and many notable ones. There was a huge demand PSP devices and hand hold small gaming devices till 2005. Because we did not have Smartphones that time.

Then I can remember in back to 2002 Final Fantasy XI by Square-Enix was the first fantastico game experience connected to the different platforms using a single set of servers. At the same time, Sony released PlayStation 2 console worldwide which connects through Wifi high-speed internet servers to play real time online game any part of the world.

My first gaming console was not that great. I had a local gamepad and which does not support most of those games.

Ubisoft developed many fantastico User interface (UI) designed online games. I can still have in my mind the game called Shadowbane. Then there came XBox360 devices and high graphics UI games.
All those games are more than valuable collection for any game lover. Now one thing in online game lags is when people get a new interesting game they stop playing the old games. Because time does not allow us to play constantly many games at the same time.

2010, the beginning of the golden age of today's online gaming market. Today I guess no one buys handhold small PSP devices anymore. Smartphones and tablets are today's ultimate online gaming weapons. The day I purchased my first tablet I had no idea that I bought an addictive gaming gadget. When I downloaded games like Angry Bird, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga and more.. Yes, I was under my control.

Fantastico Online Smartphone Games:

Then I found PvP gaming experience like Injustice, Contest of Champions, Future Fights and WWE Immortals. I just cannot say how much these games mean to the players online. Isn't that a fantastico experience of gaming?

The epic battles, story games are most likely a living comics book reading experience and when there are live quests, alliance gaming features, leadership and help online friends in the game. All these experiences are real time fantastico experience. I really like play contests together with my friends in a game, earn points for them, help them to complete a quest, chat with all team members, invite them for a private meeting, plan game strategy and win the battle realms.

Fantastico Online Smartphone Games
Plan this weekend for a free fantastico experince of online gaming adventure. All the best!!!

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