Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lookup for getting together with dreams!

Get #together with friends every weekend is my fun making strategy. I need money to spend on my fun activities; I work, I earn & so do my friends. We are lucky to get knowing each other. 
This new era of technology, the speediest age of the Internet, social media and communication system helped us get #together and #lookup! Knowledge becomes more valuable to crack the previous blindness. Facebook, Blogs, Email Service, Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Flicker the list is growing endless. It's all blessings of God to see this fastest age of technology fantasy. 
Love is the first success that people look for to get more successful. Success followed by a dream shelter, the place of devotion. The dream shelter unleash our true human nature, fresh personality and get together with loved ones takes us beyond the time-space, creative limit, and liberty in speech. 

Get #together gives us the power to share our thoughts and avoid irresponsible news media. 

Irresistible creative skills give us multi-talents. We accepted the modern art of technology and inaugurated them in our daily busy life. The knowledge is beyond our capacity, its become a practice of brain building process that is the key to wake up for the future. “IGNORANCE IS THE BLINDNESS OF THE SOUL!” Some people are wasting their time; some are getting involved in some unethical practices! Whatever it is we need the shelter first to save our soul (SOS).

The golden foundation of Darwin's Origin of mankind taught us the theory of denoting as the caveman to enlighten into the age of the corporate world. There is freedom to feel free, protected, and grow into our temple of desire. We know about the three inescapable steps of life, the Past, the Present and the Future! My mentor says “some people forget the daily past, some people can’t forget anything”! Others pre-plan for the future. Life takes us next to the death every day and every moment. We must build our future first, so we can sleep happy every day at night.

My life has two steps. The Present that I am living in, and the Tomorrow, I have to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning to catch the bus and reach the office at the right time! I #lookup for my future, so I can get my goal.

If I don't set my daily targets, perhaps I will never able to make my dreams come true in this lifetime. That was not only my story; that is the story of all those faces, unknown, beautiful; I see every day at the street! We walk #togeter, and the life helps us to make friends, relations, and society.
In this busy life sometimes we watch movies, listen to our favorites, make friendship, relation, love and fight.

What do we want? 

We want the security! Security has many names, to me @housing or +Housing-com. Visit:

“We are like flowers, fruits, hugs and kisses,” said my dear friend I met in Facebook, (Gra├ža from Lisboa)!

I don’t need to see the past that was ugly and corrupted by media and the fake public leaders! We are here to build the new age, we can fill it with love, peace, and prosperity. All we need to get #togeter. 
We are happy to enjoy today to improve the future, we need the plans! Living in the Present is a good idea to enjoy every moment of life! I was listening to John and Jehn, avoiding dumb fictions full with frustration! I decide to help the poor every day. It will be the dream day if I don’t find any beggar sleeping on the street. I will become glad to see the dream come true!  
House is somewhere, I can come back, practice meditation, drawing and writing. I have today to see the tomorrow!
With love hugs and kisses! I must #lookup into the future. The world is moving smart with
Art: #together by Vikram Roy (Me)

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