Monday, March 9, 2015

Ups and downs are there, lookup & StartANewLife?

Last Sunday morning I walked around J.P. Park. Every day I notice people carefully. Their attitude, lifestyle, culture, and dreams. My colleagues think I live in an ideal world that doesn’t exist. I am telling about the dream of a healthy happy life. Some people are determined to do anything. I try to make a better understanding of a settled life but getting confused to conclude a proper answer.

As an example, I was thinking during the walk, “How many mobile phones and laptops you can use at a time?” The answer was, “Two or maximum Three”. My point of resolution to our human behavior researched here. I speak to many people and come up with a conclusion!

Let me come directly to the point. I ordered a tablet, one of the costliest available in the market. 

Sandhya, one of my co-worker, asked, “Why you have ordered a tablet? You have a smartphone.” 

I answered, "Lifestyle!” 

The curiosity is quite natural. The cosmopolitan society teaches us continuous upgradation for survival in the capitalistic market. Here survival means luxury; means we need almost everything in our pocket; means we need the latest gadgets and handsets to show our friends. I know some people who earn money and spend them all in this gambling. They don't think about savings for their future. They don't have dreams to build something of their own.

There is a sharp gap between these two worlds. It’s like a slice of life that separates us from the dark and the bright.

Suppose you have earned money to buy yourself a luxury. That luxury was your dream. You worked hard for twenty years, saved money. Now the time being the cost of your luxury doubled. It means your vision not planned. To build something concrete, you need a proper savings and investment plan. 

First tell me, how many mobile phones you have changed in last two years? If your answer is more than five or six, that means you are unorganized about your financial investment. If you not got them as a gift or won in contests. You need to be more careful about any uncertain crisis. 
Life has to improve daily. It is a practice of doing good things and feel happy. A better planning can be the betterment to fulfill long term objective. We should not worry much and end up in the middle. 
We shall work hard to hope the best in our life. Hard work can make us high and for sure that you won't fail to achieve your goal. Dream comes true for the dreamers who fight for the getting it real. 
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