Saturday, March 21, 2015

Love Proposal without Roses, Happiness Celebration without Coke is Quite A Just!

Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness is for all people who want to smile forever and enjoy the taste of life. Happiness is the life that remains incomplete without delicious food, drinks, chilled icy Coke!!!

What do you say?

I love the taste of CocaCola throughout my 27 years. I tasted all cola flavour drinks in the market, but the taste of CocaCola is something that I can't explain in words. It's intense flavour tastes best in my throat when served chilled. Especially I love the  taste of Coke Zero and Diet Coke. Albeit the taste of classic Coca-Cola with sugar and cola flavour tastes great too. I enjoy movies or watch a cricket match over a glass of chilled Coke in my hand. Whether it's high tension action moments of Arrow, Gotham, Marvel's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D or The Flash, or Samosa chat with Motu Patlu; I want my Coke.

The perennial taste of Coca-Cola is uncompromised with any other drinks and beverages at that time available in the market. I graduated the day, we friends shared a pet of CocaCola, we had fun together. When we visit pizza or burger shop or watch a movie in the theatre or have meals, I can't think without a glass of chilled CocaCola. Coke make my day!!!

Coke is stronger than sharing the emotion of being happy. The ICC Cricket World Cup is going on and India Vs. Australia is the next semi-final match. Can you imagine such special moment you can skip the taste of happiness Coke? The super tension, sixers, run outs, LBWs, missed catch and all; it can not be more fun without chilled CocaCola. I wish India win this ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 tournament so we can fit this festival with gigantic happiness celebration among the Happy Coke Family!!!

The taste of happiness for the taste of success. Around the world. Coke keeps its tastes similar. The quality control team work hard on it. Can you imagine how difficult task it is? It's very true "Har dil ehi chahe, bus e taste mil jaye!" Indian food, Bollywood movies, Cricket match, Music, and... hey, am I forgetting something??? The Coke! 

Yes, our celebration... chahe jintini bhi choti hoya bari... we can not skip Coke. The perfect taste that chill our soul. Love proposal without roses, happiness celebration without Coke is quite a just! My friend Loya, she loves Cola candies, but she loves Coke more than Cola candies. This is a supreme mystery in human taste that we have developed our DNA with a Coke twist in it.

Celebrate this International Day of Happiness. I would like to grab my glass of chilled Coke, what do you have? Say, Cheers!!!

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