Thursday, March 5, 2015

Only We Prefer Pampers to Keep Baby Dry from the Inside.

P&G brought an innovative FMCG product that changed our baby's lifestyle. Now children can live smart and hygienic. I am with my sister's family where she has one small baby girl.

Aayushi Roy, age: 3 living with us. She is the eyeball to all of us. She dances, sings, jumps and having fun all the moment. Perhaps life would not be happy and relaxed in a nuclear family of three to take care of a baby, when all remains busy.

Think about the time when people live together in a large family. So many children, noise, grandparents, there were people to take care of the kids 24/7. People living far away from the big family, working parents, who will take care of the babies? You cannot depend on the babysitter, as getting caring babysitter is tough. I can't imagine our little child without a dry diaper for 24 hours.

Pampers, the only friend to all the children to make them happy and have fun. It has the Magic Gel formula that protects our little Aayushi from getting absorbed. Pampers keep her motivated all the day. Now she can dance, jump, and sleep happily. Ultimate happiness of the child we desire to find. After all a "Dry baby, happy baby".

Reward me from P&G is a premium website that gave us sample Pampers diaper for free use. Register today and ask for a sample at:

Here is a must watch video for all the readers:

We were buying other diapers before Aayusi gets used to with Pampers. We found the rash, and leaks in them. We were worried. We changed different brands and finally Aayusi becomes happy wearing Pampers. The pants style facilitate that helped us to change the diaper very quickly. Also our family doctor Mrs. Gupta recommended strongly to use the best diapers to keep baby hygienic and protected from diseases.

Once a day I remember when she was playing at the park, again and again was bending down and checking her diaper. It was not a pants style diaper, and it moved inside. In Pampers, the baby remains entirely in a happy mood. And the dryness outside does not ensure the safety of your baby's skin. If the diaper cannot keep dry inside then what is the use of a diaper?

Pampers, giving a motherly care to the children. When a child smiles, the world smiles with them too. Pampers, making the children smile. Pampers brings many unforgettable moments in our daily life full of love care and pleasure.

So my advice, do not take any risk while the question is the hygiene for your baby. If babies are happy and living fewer diseases so we will be happy. A healthy world is a better world.

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