Thursday, March 5, 2015

Look up into a Living in a Modern Jazzy City

After a rocking night shift, a young girl came back to the house from the call centre, removed earphones from her favorite pink iPod and then put it back in a mild volume on the dock. Murmured, “another busy day”. She moved her body and danced on the floor; "let's take a refreshing bath". She took a quick shower; as night fainted the music is getting louder and louder.
"I'm hungry," she said. Checked the refrigerator, filled up with delicious packs. “Yhaaaaa lets enjoy a midnight hip hop party at home!” 
She checked into the wardrobe; a bottle of half-finished whisky is hidden there. She murmurs, “Thanks, God! Dad doesn’t notice this chaos”! 
“Heck, I love my life!”  She intoxicated by the ecstasy. The door locked; she doesn’t expect her father at that moment. 
Her mother died when she was very young, there was an accident, but she can't remember. She grew up with friends and music. She listened to different genres, Hindi, hip-hop, bhangra, “Sheela Ki Jawani...” but she has a particular choice about everything. She hates depressive ghazals, tragic novels, and sentimental nostalgic sad stories. She thinks, “Around the world people are suffering; if a film make me think about the world peace; entertainment will be a disaster.” Sadness bothers her feelings; she avoids sleeping pills but she drinks and smiles like an innocent child. One day I look up for a real family, a nice  @housing +Housing-com complex at the top of this city. I must #lookup into the future. The world moving into. 
Drawing by Vikram Roy © 2015
Rohit said, “Hey man, what are you writing? Who is she? Are you dating without my notice?”

“Abe shut up yaar! Just read this story… I think, this character I am working, is the perfect metro punctual girl. Look, she is a typical punk modern city woman! What do you say? I want my script to be selected for a film. I guess this one is going in order, dear!" said, Arun.

“Man, are you mad? Girls always like ghazals, willow trees, tragic heroes, and lost secrets! What Diana? Am I wrong?" Rohit asked Diana to establish he is always right.

Diana said, “Will both of you stop your bakwas! I am not agreeing any of you.”

Arun said, “Diana, come on girl! Can you please help me in my script so I can finish my dream project without fail?"

“Please stop it guys! Btw I think you have mentioned housing, reminds me, did you checked Their concept is to change the world of living. Very refreshing, innovative and optimistic."

Rohit and Arun, both agreed with Diana, yes we did, "Indeed"!

Diana said, "So am I. I dream to meet Mr. Rahul Yadav,, CEO. One day if I get that opportunity, I want to interview him in my blog."

Note: This story is an imagination and not based on any real charecters. If it matches with any real fact it's just a coincidence. 

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