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Why the government of India should focus on Wind Energy?

Paris Climate Conference in the month of November 2015 was a successful conference in the world history in the past 100 years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi who made all the Indian proud by his leadership, where India played a "critical role" at the climate change summit in Paris which ensured the event was a "historic success." The world leaders gave a big hand to Prime Minister Modi's speech and many of them want to invest in India to produce more Green Energy. Now the time has started ticking to act.

In India, we are not utilizing Green Energy like Solar, Wind, Hydro energy at its best level. Wind power is the conversion of wind speed using the wind turbines into useful electricity or mechanical energy. India needs a large number of wind farms typically connected to the rural areas. A wind energy firm is capable of powering any large appliances to entire houses depending on the size. Wind farms installed on agricultural land have the lowest environmental impacts of all energy sources. The wind energy is truly and 100% #GreenEnergy source.

In several countries it has achieved relatively high levels of penetration, accounting for approximately 19% of electricity production in Denmark, 11% in Spain and Portugal, and 7% in Germany and 1.8% in India in 2008.

According to the Cambridge Union of Concerned Scientists, harnessing the wind is one of the cleanest, most sustainable ways to generate electricity. Wind power produces no toxic emissions and none of the heat-trapping emissions that contribute to global warming. This is the fact that wind power is one of the most abundant and increasingly cost-competitive energy resources makes it a viable alternative to the fossil fuels that harm our health and threaten the environment.

Wind turbines Photo: Wikimedia

Windergy India is a fastest-growing unique digital platform to create awareness about the Wind Energy sector in India. Rural areas in India are electrified non-uniformly, where progressive states being able to provide a majority of the villages with Green Energy while other states still struggling to do so. The Rural Electrification Corporation Limited was formed to specifically address the issue of providing electricity in all the villages across the country. Poverty, lack of resources, lack of political will, poor planning and electricity theft are some of the major causes which have left many villages in India without electricity, while urban areas have enjoyed growth in electricity consumption and capacity. According to the Pradhan Mantri Gram Vidyut Yojana is increasingly trying to improve the dire conditions by investing heavily in biogas, solar and wind energy.  

The work is also on-going for reducing wastage, providing better equipment and improving the overall infrastructure for electrical transmissions in villages. Currently, more than 85% of villages in India have been electrified with a further goal of providing complete electrification by 2020. According to the "Installed capacity of wind power projects in India" report published on 31 March 2015 Tamil Nadu generating a capacity of 7455.2 MW energy from the Wind. Then Gujarat 3645.4 MW, Maharashtra 4450.8MW followed by Rajasthan 3307.2MW, Karnataka 2638.4MW, Andhra Pradesh 1031.4MW and Madhya Pradesh 879.7MW.

Windergy India:

Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association has launched Windergy India – is slated to be the voice of the Wind Energy industry.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set ambitious targets for the Wind Energy sector. As the sector aims to reach 60,000 MW capacities, it needs the support of the government.

Windergy India aims to create wider public awareness on the benefits of wind energy, and the sectors efforts in India. Its mission to develop recommendation for Wind Energy among the general public.

Towards this, they have set up their presence on social media platforms. They are also developing a website, and working on a series of campaigns to help spread awareness about the benefits of wind energy as a viable solution to India's energy crisis and its impact on global warming and climate change.

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