Friday, December 25, 2015

Beautiful Plantain Flower: A Perfect Cone and A Dragon Fly Made This Christmas Special.

Christmas morning my father found this beautiful plantain flower at our garden. Food for thought, my father brought it at home to show us. He said, “I found this small plantain flower with six raw bananas.” Raw bananas will grow, so he cut the flower and brought it to show me and my mother. We were surprised to see the beauty of the small plantain flower.

“What a nice geometrical shape?” My mother said. “A perfect cone.” She asked me to take a picture.

The lesson is how nature creates beautiful artistic shapes? The true art sometimes we can see, if we try to find them differently.

Wish all a happy and wonderful Christmas and a brightest new year ahead!

Plantain flower photo captured by me in Redmi 2 Prime.

The second beauty of nature I discovered in the Christmas afternoon. Guess what?
Dragonfly photo by me (Nokia Lumia 630)

The dragonfly is an insect scientific name pantala flavescent, the globe skimmer or wandering glider of Libellulidae family. The most widespread and old dragonfly on the planet. It's German name wanderlibelle, Hong Kong name typhoon fly, Japanese name Usubaki Tombo and Bengali name Jheejhee. Captured in my Nokia Lumia 630 Smartphone. This is one of my best insect photography.

Venomous giant spider with eggs, photo captured by me in Redmi 2 Prime phone.

A giant spider with eggs found at my room. An arthropod Indian tropical species family Araneae venomous.

Always love nature!


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  1. Nice post Vikram. Nice photography. Hope you have a wonderful new year ahead