Friday, December 25, 2015

WOW It's The Christmas Again!

Dear Santa, 

I am now 28 and can't stop believing in you. The year I come to know you for the first time... which year I don't remember! My family lives in the east part of India. I grew up in a very small city where we were not knowing what is Christmas until I grew up young and lived in the big city. 

There were many years we do not celebrate Christmas, but we use to read newspapers and see the picture of you in the cherry red outfit. You look nice like a grandfather figure. We never received any gifts in hands from you, but your's sweet smile inside your long white beard and moustache made us smile for the Christmas day. In some of the Christmas, we put ourselves some effort to dress like you. 

So, what I did this year? I went to a primary school and buy five rupees cakes to every pupil. I also have Whatsapp application in my phone. I wished all my contacts and got almost 30 wish in return. 

What can be more happiness than that?

Always love!

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