Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Apple Ipod Classic 160GB - Old is Gold!

This was my one of the best purchase in my life. I purchased my Ipod Classic in 2009. The product seemed very new in the market at that time.

The best thing is still the iPod is working and I never able to fulfill the space it has. Hardly the songs I listen occupied 30GB space and rest of space remained unused for the lifetime.

So that makes no sense to me after six months of crazy use.

Battery backup is extremely good. Once charged the standby time still 30days. Play time 20 hours nonstop.
Photo by me.

Watching video is not very cool as the size of the screen is very small.

Last year once the iPod dropped from my hand on the floor and lost visual quality. But with my utter surprise, the iPod is playing well.

The device cost for apple is always high. As my view on that, the product is made of steel is a collectors piece so not a big deal. But the technology has a gap. When I purchased Ipod Classic at the same time iPod Touch was in the market with touch screen feature and WiFi which is awesome. But in iPod Classic, there is nothing. Podcast feature is somehow useless.

No matter what, you know "I love my iPod Classic". It's an antique gadget.

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